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by Wilson P Shiruguppi
How do you see time? Or better yet how do you visualize time when explaining to students about the concepts of the Big Bang theory from 13 Billion years ago? Now not only can help your students understand what 13B years ago looks like you can experience Big History in a fascinating new way.
by Arpan Rank
Think Play Learn is for Kids who can learn things like identification of different colors as well as play with numbers and alphabets.
by Arpan_Rank
Ludo Parchis, world's most played board game, now with unique experience of Lenovo Horizon AIO Table PC for the friends & family-together.
by Avinash K. S.
A software application to control mouse cursor with brain signal

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by Reddy Manohar
Code generation through speech/gesture for everyone (Including individuals with disabilities).
by Prasanna Venkatesh . K
Writing a Windows store background app from the scratch
by Prasanna Venkatesh . K
Simple C# functions to access SkyDrive folders and files using Live Connect SDK
by Tim Corey
Keeps track of when to take your pills, what your blood sugar levels have been, and so much more.


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by Member 10972957 on article "Virtual 3D-Shopping Mall"
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