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by Jochen Baier
Using this smart 'FIXME' macro will help you not to forget to fix your code.
by Murali Pamidi
Politics aside, here are 7 simple tweaks that could make website instantly fast.
by Samuel Cragg
You can also add an application manifest file. If you're using VS 2010, there's an option for one in the "Add New Item" dialog (right click on the project, click "Add" then click "New Item") and edit the generated file to uncomment the line that says:<requestedExecutionLevel ...
by schamese
This should do it as well:class Singleton { public static readonly Singleton m_Instance = new Singleton(); // Prevent instance creation from other classes private Singleton() { } public static Singleton Instance { get { return m_Instance; } }}And it is "Singleton",...

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In this article, few examples of embedding basic Windows Forms in Powershell script for collecting user inputs are given.
by ProgramFOX
This blog posts teaches you how to transpose the rows and columns of a two-dimensional array, jagged array and string in C#.
by Richard Deeming
This is an alternative for "Using Extension Methods To Avoid XML Problems"
by Ryszard Dżegan
How to prepare log4net or other custom, xml-based configuration file for particular build or environment

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