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Toolbars and Docking windows

Great Reads

by tix
Dockbar sample, shows many alpha blend functions.
by Ivan Ičin
Custom WinForm ToolStrip that fixes some of the ToolTip related problems and adds few related features
by Sofa Team
Step by Step conversion of an application into a Docking application component
by Sofa Team
Sofa makes the link between AvalonDock and MEF, both using composable elements

Latest Articles

by Huzifa Terkawi
A good reference for CDockablePane.
by Kenneth Salter
How to move the report viewer toolbar to a ToolStripContainer
by R. Gils
CSharp version of a flyout toolbar like we can find in CAD applications
by tix
Dockbar sample, shows many alpha blend functions.

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