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by Jani Giannoudis
Enhanced web page validation based on multiple rules at client and server side.
by adityaswami89
Article on Validation in XAML applications with Fluent technique
by Talal Tayyab
ASP.NET MVC 4 unobtrusive validation - Event hooks.
by Rohit Dot net
Validation control with a single validation rule is easy, but what if we need to validate a control using different validation rules. This article tells how to achieve multiple validation on single control in an easy and systematic way.

Latest Articles

by Johan Ohlin
DataAnnotations are really helpful when creating a model in Entity Framework Code-First. They are a simple way of instructing EF how you want the model to be structured and how it should translate the model into a relational database. You can also use validation rules to specify what values are allo
by Sacha Barber
I don’t know about you lot but I work with XML files a bit, but I don’t have to mess around with XSD (xml schema) files that often. And it seems like every time I do I forget what I did last time. To this end I thought I would write this up somewhere, so […]
by Gerd Wagner
What are the most important types of integrity constraints to be checked in any data management app?
by 1sumitanand
AutoComplete Textbox with Validations

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by Eduardo Antonio Cecilio Fernandes on tip/trick "Fixing jQuery non-US date...

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