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by Jani Giannoudis
Enhanced web page validation based on multiple rules at client and server side.
by Colin Angus Mackay
Xander.PasswordValidator is an assembly (or two) that assists in validatating passwords in .NET applications.
by Rawat Sandeep
Building a Rule Based Validation framework in C# and XML
by Rui Inacio
A KnockoutJS plug-in for model and property validation that is named Knockout validation.

Latest Articles

by Ricardo Lynch
Using JavaScript for oAuth with three major identity providers: Facebook, Google, and Twitter.
by Gerd Wagner
What are the most important types of integrity constraints to be checked in any data management app?
by ashish_5437
Implement validations in knockout js
by Jitendra_Shri
Single Server side validator for multiple controls


by Ricardo Lynch on article "Javascript oAuth"
by Member 10417261 on article "Javascript oAuth"
by David Radcliffe on ValidationProvider Control for Windows Form
by Amey A khedekar on Article "WebForms UnobtrusiveValidationMode...
by Jeremy Forsythe on tip/trick "Telephone Validation Method"

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