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by Bill9603
Many developers use ".cur" cursor files. Using them myself in Visual Studio 2008, they are not the easiest things to work with for many reasons.They are not easy to create without expensive software. (unless you are using the editor within Visual Studio)They cannot easily be ported in the...
by dyma
Sunflower fractal, so that you can play and create a wonderful image
by VB Rocks
This article demonstrates how to upload a file to a (HTTPS) WebDAV server in VB.NET.
Implementation Nhibernate concept in VB.NET

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by Duncan Edwards Jones
The query side of the Command Query segregation or responsibility architecture
by jurhas
Spada via Modbs, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition with visualb basic,Arduino and firebird
by jurhas
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for ARDUINO
by maz2331
License Key class to make generating and validating keys easy.

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The ever-expanding matrix of new browsers, plugins, third party apps,...
The efficacy of code signing as an authentication mechanism for...
Android is on the rise. Unfortunately, popularity can also bring...
Is your new app designed for testers who constantly update their...


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