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Windows API

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by Timo Kunze
Use undocumented parts of the Windows Vista list view API to enhance your application.
by Chakravarthi Elchuri
How to use WIA supported scanner using C#
by Shai Raiten
TFS API Part 29 – TFS Impersonation What is TFS Impersonation? TFS Impersonation is a feature that was introduced in TFS 2010 in order to allow a process running as User A to make web service calls to TFS in such a way that TFS thinks the actions are being performed by User B. A long time ago I w

Latest Articles

by Chris Boss
Having just read an interesting article by Paul Thurott, about Microsofts Internet of Things SDK built upon 32 bit x86 Windows and using Intels Galileo device (an x86 device the size of the Raspberry PI device) which uses Intels tiny system on a chip CPU (Quark), I found very interesting one of the
by David O'Neil
My DWinLib Windows API wrapper combined with Francisco Campos's Pretty WinAPI framework
by Chakravarthi Elchuri
How to use WIA supported scanner using C#
by Imran Abdul Ghani
We have discussed briefly about different available hosting options (Self Hosting, Windows Service, IIS, WAS etc) for WCF Service in separate post “WCF Interview Questions and Answers – Part 1“. In this WCF Tutorial, we are going to implement hosting WCF Service in a Windows Servic


by Jens-Madsen on WindowsVistaRenderer: A New Button Generation
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