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Web Security

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by Brij
This article discusses some problems with the earlier approach and discusses Identity federation
by Dennis Baberich
A simple check list on what to look out for when developing a website
by Brij
A way to improve performance of your Web Application significantly
by Steve Wellens
There was a question from a student over on the Asp.Net forums about improving site performance. The concern was that every time an app setting was read from the Web.Config file, the disk would be accessed. With many app settings and many users, it was believed performance would suffer. Their intent

Latest Articles

by Dennis Betten
How to implement Windows authentication on an Intranet website using WS2012
by CdnSecurityEngineer
When you want to buy something that you can afford, what do you do? Well if you’re like most people you go to some financial institution and take out a loan in the amount of the item you wish to…Read more ›The post Application Security Economics appeared first on Security Synergy.
by pratimamf
While executing a testcase, if the testcase fails, then we need to take a screenshot of the page for error reporting. This can also be done by using Selenium Webdriver. We can use the following syntax  for capturing and saving full page screenshot. File screenshot = ((TakesScreenshot)driver).getScre
by Prava@MFS
The word Web Worker specifies a JavaScript running in the background, without affecting the performance of the page, independently of other user-interface scripts that may also have been executed from the same HTML page. Let’s go into little depth to understand what it exactly means :). Javasc

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