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Web Security

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by Brij
This article discusses some problems with the earlier approach and discusses Identity federation
by Dennis Baberich
A simple check list on what to look out for when developing a website
by Brij
A way to improve performance of your Web Application significantly
by Steve Wellens
There was a question from a student over on the Asp.Net forums about improving site performance. The concern was that every time an app setting was read from the Web.Config file, the disk would be accessed. With many app settings and many users, it was believed performance would suffer. Their intent

Latest Articles

by CdnSecurityEngineer
Pillars of application security
by Abani Kumar Meher
This article explains few scenarios where XSS attack can be done, how we make mistake while creating web application which leads to XSS vulnerability and what should be done to prevent XSS attacks.
by Shemeemsha RA
First step towards securing MVC applications

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by Pramod-Lawate on Article "Secure ASP.NET MVC3 applications"
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by prima shah on article "Thinktecture Identity Server -...

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