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Web Security

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by Brij
This article discusses some problems with the earlier approach and discusses Identity federation
by Brij
A way to improve performance of your Web Application significantly
by Karl Shifflett
Using Forms Authentication to secure access to ASP.NET MVC endpoints and WCF services.
by Ravi_Vaswani
Setting IIS security type and user, accounts permissions using installer class and custom action

Latest Articles

by After2050
Create a custom authorization filter.
by Sarvesh Kushwaha
This tip describes what exactly is Heartbleed bug, how to exploit it and solutions of this bug.
by Manas Bhardwaj
While working on a proposal for a prospective client, I wanted to have a look at the possibilities of capturing the signature of client in an application (mobile, web). From the first thoughts, I was kind of doubtful about the implementation and was not really sure how easy of difficult would this b
by Sacha Barber
At work I do a mixture of ASP MVC /  WCF and WPF. We have pretty much embraced MVxx frameworks for JavaScript such as Knockout.js and Angular.js, but we recently had to do some truly responsive design web work, which needed to target loads of different form factors. We have good software guys where

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by Manas Bhardwaj on technical blog "A minimalist example of using...
by Mihai MOGA on technical blog "A minimalist example of using...
by manishpatel420 on Article "CSRF and AntiForgeryToken"
by Sarvesh Kushwaha on tip/trick "What is Heartbleed Bug and Its...
by Govindaraj Rangaraj on tip/trick "What is Heartbleed Bug and Its...

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