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I was born in Shiraz, a very beautiful famous city in Iran. I started programming when I was 12 years old with GWBASIC. Since now, I worked with various programming languages from Basic, Foxpro, C/C++, Visual Basic, Pascal to MATLAB and now Visual C++.
I graduated from Iran University of Science & Technology in Communication Eng., and now work as a system programmer for a telecommunication industry.
I wrote several programs and drivers for Synthesizers, Power Amplifiers, GPIB, GPS devices, Radio cards, Data Acqusition cards and so many related devices.
I'm author of several books like Learning C (primary and advanced), Learning Visual Basic, API application for VB, Teach Yourself Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and etc.
I'm winner of January, May, August 2003 and April 2005 best article of month competetion, my articles are:

You can see list of my articles, by clicking here

  • 29 Apr 2005: MFC/C++ Mar 2005
  • 31 Dec 2004: CodeProject MVP 2005
  • 30 Aug 2003: MFC/C++ Jul 2003
  • 30 May 2003: MFC/C++ Apr 2003
  • 30 Jan 2003: MFC/C++ Dec 2002



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The company is active in Hardware/Software design specially in embedded computing, network computing, wireless communication, communication devices, device driver development, ...
The company is representative of Arbor ( for embedded computing), Sundance ( for embedded computing, high speed data acqusition, DSP) and Inmarsat (for RGBN wireless communication).
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GeneralRemote Programming PinmemberA. Riazi1-Aug-04 1:12 
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QuestionProblem with matlab COM object PinmemberMohammad Shahbazi8-Aug-06 10:23 
Hello Dear Mr. Riazi,
i wrote a COM+ object in matlab which has an event by name "OnProgress", and i want to use the event in my delphi code, i can connect to the com server and do calculations but cant connect to event interface, i tested the COM with Visual Basic and it works properly, but not in DELPHI.
would you please to help me?
Thanks in advance.

Mohammad Shahbazi
info at omranafzar dot com

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