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I work on R&D for Frotcom International, a company that develops web-based fleet management solutions.



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GeneralQA: How do I copy a file from the desktop to the Pocket PC? Pin
João Paulo Figueira17-May-05 6:14
memberJoão Paulo Figueira17-May-05 6:14 
GeneralQA: How do I turn on the WiFi on my Axim X30? Pin
João Paulo Figueira30-Apr-05 6:03
memberJoão Paulo Figueira30-Apr-05 6:03 
GeneralCEDB .NET Pin
João Paulo Figueira25-Apr-05 0:13
memberJoão Paulo Figueira25-Apr-05 0:13 
QuestionRe: CEDB .NET Pin
rajesh_s7619-May-06 2:37
memberrajesh_s7619-May-06 2:37 
GeneralQA: How do I rename a SQL CE table? Pin
João Paulo Figueira31-Mar-05 23:51
memberJoão Paulo Figueira31-Mar-05 23:51 
GeneralAn MFC Header Bar with embeddable controls Pin
João Paulo Figueira25-Feb-05 6:37
memberJoão Paulo Figueira25-Feb-05 6:37 
GeneralQA: Where is the MulDiv function? Pin
João Paulo Figueira25-Jan-05 4:12
memberJoão Paulo Figueira25-Jan-05 4:12 
GeneralBookmarks and the ATL OLE DB Consumer Templates Pin
João Paulo Figueira14-Dec-04 2:12
memberJoão Paulo Figueira14-Dec-04 2:12 
GeneralQA: How do I know if SQL Server CE is installed on my Pocket PC? Pin
João Paulo Figueira10-Dec-04 7:22
memberJoão Paulo Figueira10-Dec-04 7:22 
GeneralThe Data Port Component C# API Pin
João Paulo Figueira22-Nov-04 1:55
memberJoão Paulo Figueira22-Nov-04 1:55 
GeneralATL OLE DB Consumer Templates Schemas Pin
João Paulo Figueira6-Nov-04 7:21
memberJoão Paulo Figueira6-Nov-04 7:21 
GeneralSQL CE Console Preview Pin
João Paulo Figueira8-Oct-04 7:02
memberJoão Paulo Figueira8-Oct-04 7:02 
GeneralUpdate to atldbcli_ce.h Pin
João Paulo Figueira25-Aug-04 5:04
memberJoão Paulo Figueira25-Aug-04 5:04 
GeneralQA: Where is the cancel button? Pin
João Paulo Figueira24-Aug-04 5:08
memberJoão Paulo Figueira24-Aug-04 5:08 
GeneralMVP Profile now online Pin
João Paulo Figueira9-Jul-04 13:24
memberJoão Paulo Figueira9-Jul-04 13:24 
GeneralData Port Wizard Public Beta Pin
João Paulo Figueira22-Jun-04 6:26
memberJoão Paulo Figueira22-Jun-04 6:26 
GeneralA Classic Error Pin
João Paulo Figueira20-May-04 4:34
memberJoão Paulo Figueira20-May-04 4:34 
GeneralOLE DB BLOBs Pin
João Paulo Figueira11-May-04 2:11
memberJoão Paulo Figueira11-May-04 2:11 
GeneralMore corrections to atldbcli_ce.h Pin
João Paulo Figueira3-May-04 12:36
memberJoão Paulo Figueira3-May-04 12:36 
GeneralUsing the ATL OLE DB Consumer Templates Pin
João Paulo Figueira10-Mar-04 0:47
memberJoão Paulo Figueira10-Mar-04 0:47 
GeneralQA: How do I read from and write to an ini file? Pin
João Paulo Figueira9-Feb-04 7:03
memberJoão Paulo Figueira9-Feb-04 7:03 
GeneralQA: How do I embed a Pocket Word document in my application? Pin
João Paulo Figueira30-Jan-04 6:59
memberJoão Paulo Figueira30-Jan-04 6:59 
GeneralQA: How do I right-align a button on a toolbar? Pin
João Paulo Figueira21-Jan-04 4:23
memberJoão Paulo Figueira21-Jan-04 4:23 
GeneralQA: How can I install ADOCE 3.1? Pin
João Paulo Figueira18-Nov-03 8:48
memberJoão Paulo Figueira18-Nov-03 8:48 
GeneralQA: How do I add a title to a view? Pin
João Paulo Figueira29-Oct-03 1:17
memberJoão Paulo Figueira29-Oct-03 1:17 
GeneralQA: How do I create a combo box with check marks? Pin
João Paulo Figueira7-Oct-03 11:30
memberJoão Paulo Figueira7-Oct-03 11:30 
GeneralQA: Where is the DC FloodFill method? Pin
João Paulo Figueira24-Sep-03 8:08
memberJoão Paulo Figueira24-Sep-03 8:08 
GeneralQA: How do I scroll the contents of a dialog? Pin
João Paulo Figueira22-Sep-03 11:00
memberJoão Paulo Figueira22-Sep-03 11:00 
GeneralQA: How can I change the background color of a Tree Control? Pin
João Paulo Figueira4-Sep-03 12:54
memberJoão Paulo Figueira4-Sep-03 12:54 
GeneralQA: How can I change the background color of the header of a List Control? Pin
João Paulo Figueira27-Aug-03 3:57
memberJoão Paulo Figueira27-Aug-03 3:57 
GeneralQA: How can I close my application by clicking the smart minimize (X) button? Pin
João Paulo Figueira19-Aug-03 1:57
memberJoão Paulo Figueira19-Aug-03 1:57 
GeneralQA: How can I use a property sheet to implement a Wizard? Pin
João Paulo Figueira11-Aug-03 5:00
memberJoão Paulo Figueira11-Aug-03 5:00 
GeneralQA: Why does my child list view control repaints when the SIP is toggled? Pin
João Paulo Figueira8-Aug-03 1:24
memberJoão Paulo Figueira8-Aug-03 1:24 
GeneralQA: Why a property page with a date time picker cannot be created? Pin
João Paulo Figueira28-Jul-03 9:26
memberJoão Paulo Figueira28-Jul-03 9:26 
GeneralQA: How do I connect my Pocket PC to the Internet? Pin
João Paulo Figueira20-Jun-03 11:57
memberJoão Paulo Figueira20-Jun-03 11:57 
GeneralQA: Where are the MoveTo and LineTo methods? Pin
João Paulo Figueira9-Jun-03 1:37
memberJoão Paulo Figueira9-Jun-03 1:37 
GeneralQA: How do I get the command bar menu handle? Pin
João Paulo Figueira4-Jun-03 12:23
memberJoão Paulo Figueira4-Jun-03 12:23 
GeneralQA: How to install a Today theme file? Pin
João Paulo Figueira2-Jun-03 0:57
memberJoão Paulo Figueira2-Jun-03 0:57 
GeneralQA: How to implement autorun from a storage card? Pin
João Paulo Figueira2-Jun-03 0:56
memberJoão Paulo Figueira2-Jun-03 0:56 
GeneralQA: How to install/uninstall a Today plug-in? Pin
João Paulo Figueira25-May-03 23:15
memberJoão Paulo Figueira25-May-03 23:15 
GeneralRe: QA: How to install/uninstall a Today plug-in? Pin
Jonas Larsson2-Jun-04 3:34
memberJonas Larsson2-Jun-04 3:34 
GeneralRe: QA: How to install/uninstall a Today plug-in? Pin
João Paulo Figueira2-Jun-04 3:56
memberJoão Paulo Figueira2-Jun-04 3:56 

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