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Born in Bristol PA, just north of Philadelphia. Joe has been programming since he was ten[now much older]. He is entirely self-taught programmer, and he is currently working as a Network Administrator (and a bunch of other crap) in Seattle WA. He was previously U.S. Navy Active Reservist for (SPAWAR)
In '98 was honorably discharged from the USN. He served onboard the USS Carl Vinson (94-98) He was lucky enough to drink President Clinton's leftover wine, promoted by his Captain, and flew in a plane off the flightdeck but not all at the same time. His interests, when time allows, are developing
misc apps and Artificial Intelligence proof-of-concept demos that specifically exhibits human behavior. He is a true sports-a-holic, needs plenty of caffeine, and a coding junkie. He also enjoys alternative music and a big Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and new alternative music fan.
Joe is an INTP[^] personality type. Joe "sees everything in terms of how it could be improved, or what it could be turned into. INTP's live primarily inside their own minds." INTPs also can have the "greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 1% of the total population" [
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GeneralWow PinmemberJoeSox23-Jun-07 21:54 
GeneralRe: Wow Pinmemberaspdotnetdev3-Nov-10 16:33 
GeneralCurrent Work Playlist 4/11/05 PinmemberJoeSox11-Apr-05 3:12 
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GeneralCurrent Playlist 4/1/05 PinmemberJoeSox31-Mar-05 23:06 
GeneralRoad Song Medley PinmemberJoeSox31-Mar-05 8:07 
GeneralHe Beseeches Cupid Not To Discharge All His Arrows At Him Alone PinmemberJoeSox26-Mar-05 11:39 
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GeneralMan Myth Beefcake PinmemberJoeSox1-Mar-05 9:31 
GeneralCurrent Work Playlist 2/21/05 PinmemberJoeSox21-Feb-05 3:03 
GeneralDon't Gimme No Lip PinmemberJoeSox10-Feb-05 10:49 
GeneralHow a Bill Becomes a Law PinmemberJoeSox31-Jan-05 9:41 
General"To All My Homie Stalkers, Yo!" PinmemberJoeSox15-Jan-05 13:28 
GeneralFreedom - Rage Against The Machine PinmemberJoeSox15-Jan-05 11:27 
GeneralCurrent Playlist 1/13/05 PinmemberJoeSox13-Jan-05 19:01 
GeneralWe Never Change - ColdPlay PinmemberJoeSox11-Jan-05 6:57 
GeneralDead Man - Pearl Jam PinmemberJoeSox6-Jan-05 3:15 
GeneralSlogans on boarded-up shops. PinmemberJoeSox6-Jan-05 3:07 
GeneralSpies - Coldplay PinmemberJoeSox5-Jan-05 2:46 
GeneralCurrent Playlist 1/2/05 PinmemberJoeSox2-Jan-05 14:51 
GeneralHere Is New York PinmemberJoeSox31-Dec-04 15:35 
GeneralI'm Serious PinmemberJoeSox30-Dec-04 2:53 
GeneralClear The Lane PinmemberJoeSox28-Dec-04 10:36 
Hey yo!
Let me be front
This is real and not a stunt
I'm comin' to the forefront
Shovel for the rapper and clear the lane
'Cos this jam is like a tomahawk chop
Teach ya I'll never stop droppin' topics
Vocal power?
(a)yes I got it
On central but their trying to clamp it down
Flag was waving the wrong way so I shot it...down!
Get down, and at the same time...
Come up...down!
This is a crime that shut us up
I don't give a f***
'Cos the words and the thoughts still hit
And like I said
It's not a skit
Jump another hit
Ya know I don't need a drum kit
Make 'em say awwww sh*t!
The rebellion is true and legit
Down! Get down!...and clear the lane
Down! Get down!...and clear the lane
Down! Get down!...and clear the land
Down! Get down!...yeah!
The rebel
You'll never disable
With the cards upon the table
Pulling cards
Keep the governements in check
I think we need a new deck
Never could trust a phillabusta'
The mic is like a fist and it'll bust ya
With words cold hittin' with the underground
And now you're checkin' out the new sound
Live hit
A live pop
Live rock
And ya don't stop
It goes on and on and on
Who's a threat?
C'mon, the war is on!
Down! Get down!...and clear the lane
Down! Get down!...and clear the lane
Down! Get down!...and clear the lane
Down! Get down!...and clear the lane
(guitar solo)
Start droppin'
Our words are never safe
Fighting myself
'Till I'm where I gotta be
I challange, don't sweat it
Now don't you forget it
Check me? What? Wait
You better slow down!
Realize I can't confine my rhyme to a beat
I need cash so when I'm cool I'm never ever weak
Places are fluid and diluted and complete
Check me once, calm down and take a seat
Strip the chains the freedom's there but then it's gone!
Ugh...clear the lane
Ugh...clear the lane
Ugh...clear the lane
Ugh...clear the lane
Rippin' up the south set
Every time I'm grippin' the mic it is a sound threat
Resist against the suckers that bring the bass in
Timmy C
Bring that bass in!
Ugh...clear the lane
Ugh...clear the lane
Ugh...clear the lane
Ugh...clear the lane
Later, JoeSox
Word of the Day: raillery
GeneralYear of The Tiger... PinmemberJoeSox22-Dec-04 7:13 
GeneralCoin Operated Boy PinmemberJoeSox21-Dec-04 7:15 

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