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Vuyiswa Junius Maseko is a programmer and a moderator in ".NetFunda. Vuyiswa has been developing for 15 years now. his major strength are C# 1.1,2.0,3.0,3.5 and sql and his interest are in Silverlight,WPF,C#. He has been doing a lot of Silverlight development. He has been using .net since the beta version of it. He is also an online Trainer at Thanks to people like Sheo Narayan (.Netfunda) , Chris Maunder (codeproject), Colin Angus Mackay (codeproject), Dave Kreskowiak (Codeproject),.They have made vuyiswa what he is today.
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GeneralHow to be an Expert in your Field by Vuyiswa Maseko PinmemberVuyiswa Maseko24-Sep-08 21:03 
Good Morning Friends
I would like to Share my Knowledge and my Experience. Am a Programmer by Profession and we all know how few programmers we have these days. If you find someone doing Computers they will be System Analyst who dont want to Code, who will soon be Project Managers, you will find Technicians doing Support, You will find network Administrators and DBA's. Well i must respect DBA's they are doing a good Job and others like Technicians. But why do you think they will pay lot of money to a Programmer? , it’s because they are few and few people can Program. People fail to be Experts in their Field because of four Things i know of. The First thing they "Jump from one Position to another", let me explain a bit. Smile | :) , many people when they join Companies they always want to impress for the sake of Promotions. They think if they get promotions they will get more money and grow Career wise. And that is true about money but not true about Growth. When are Promoted, you are no longer going to do what you were doing in your previous position. That means you have to start fresh with something new and that means you will not be an expert in what you were doing in your previous position and even in the current position you might not be an expert, because you might get promoted again  . Promotions will hinder your chances to be an Expert in your field; well some other people open companies to run away from this problem, so that they can keep on doing what they love forever and that is why we find expert not working for a particular company, but being outsourced by the Companies. The Second reason why we don’t become experts in our fields is because “We don’t read”, A technologist should never stop reading, infect it does not matter what is career everyone must always read. People should always remember that they got Jobs because they knew something and that something is from Books  , now for you to be knowledgeable you need to read and never stop leaning and guard your knowledge well and not forgetting to have a good attitude towards your career. I think people will never be experts if they don’t read, I don’t see the possibilities in that. The other reason that can make a Person not to be an expert in his/her field is “Don’t Practise”. Practice make perfect Smile | :) , why is that, well to other people it looks stupid even to practise a Speech before a meeting , or practice your answer before your boss ask you. Programmer know that they have to Practise when they learn something new, you have to Create those Small “hello world” examples, because without that, you will never understand the basics of what you are doing. You can read but if you don’t practice, you knowledge is useless because you cannot put them into practice. The last reason I know that can make a Person not to be an expert in his/her field “Adopt easily to new things”. When you Master something, and later something new that you have to learn, you must be able to learn and understand how it fit into your expertise and what is the different between what you knew before and what is the improvement and why should you use it. People must have resilience to change. I know Programmers who will Still initiate Developments in VB6, even there is a better language that can make a Programmer to be more productive, the reason they stay there is that they don’t want to “Read, Don’t Practice, Cant Adopt to new things”. I know it’s a difficult thing to do to master a Subject or Field. The reasons are different, some of the reasons are Social Pressure, e.g. my friend is a Project Manager and am a Programmer, well on my opinion, to be a Programmer is better than to be a Project Manager, people want Fancy Offices, come at work on his/her time and Drive a Big Car, Live in a Townhouse. But hey if you are an Expert in your Field, you can even earn more than your Project Manager. This Blog will be read by Programmers and Non Programmers, what let me tell you what it means to me to be a Programmer. If I can die now, I know that I will die happy because I was honest to myself and I knew what few knew and I was the master of my game and I knew what to get at anytime, because I did not hope or wish for a Promotion, I did not want to be a Project Manager, CEO, President, IT Manager and I always read and Practice what I read and most of the time help people for free and write articles about what I know and accept if I don’t know and have the attitude ”I don’t know everything” I have to keep on learning , am a fool for a minute and after I ask am no longer a fool. To my Conclusion is either you choose money or you choose knowledge, if you choose knowledge you will be the happiest person trust me.
Thank you
Smile | :) Smile | :)
Vuyiswa Maseko,
Sorrow is Better than Laughter, it may Sadden your Face, but It sharpens your Understanding

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