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Peter is tired of being called "Mr. Chen", even so certain individuals insist on it. No, he's not chinese.

Peter has seen lots of boxes you youngsters wouldn't even accept as calculators. He is proud of having visited the insides of a 16 Bit Machine.

In his spare time he ponders new ways of turning groceries into biohazards, or tries to coax South American officials to add some stamps to his passport.

Beyond these trivialities Peter works for Klippel[^], a small german company that wants to make mankind happier by selling them novel loudspeaker measurement equipment.

Where are you from?[^]

Please, if you are using one of my articles for anything, just leave me a comment. Seeing that this stuff is actually useful to someone is what keeps me posting and updating them.
Should you happen to not like it, tell me, too
  • 29 Sep 2004: MFC/C++ Aug 2004


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GeneralMy inofficial CP FAQ Pin
peterchen11-Nov-04 9:49
memberpeterchen11-Nov-04 9:49 
GeneralQ: Why don't CPians joint to run (OpenSource) projects? Pin
peterchen22-Nov-04 0:35
memberpeterchen22-Nov-04 0:35 
GeneralDoes the article rating suck? [modified] Pin
peterchen24-May-06 7:59
memberpeterchen24-May-06 7:59 
The following is as unofficial as the rest of the FAQ, purely my own opinion at the time of posting:

from time to time, complaints or common suggestions regarding the votes pop up.

(1) The "rating" is just a number. Don't get overly excited or depressed about it.

(2) The article voting system works very well long term: good articles rise, bad articles drop

(3) Short term it doesn't work so well: the initial votes (about 5) have a high influence on exposure of your article, and affect if you can attract a "close to final" voting *early*.

(4) You cannot stop "hate votes"
Many ways are suggested to "fix" that, usually to find out where "1" votes come from. None look promising:
e.g. "Require people to leave a comment" : you can't stop people from posting "fhöwfdsnfä"
e.g. "Display who voted what": likely to cause revenge votings, which will distort voting further
(peterchens house rule: don't try to fix social problems with technical measures)

What can you do if you think your article was treated unfairly bad:
First ask yourself: is the article really that good? Compare to other articles with a good rating. From my experience, things that may attract low votes are (in no particular order):
  • Non-Standard layout, non-standard font for body, unformatted paragraphs etc.
  • Horizontal scolling on 800x600
  • Just code, but no article explaining the what, why, how. CP is not a code repository.
  • Presenting a solution that shows you don't know enough about the problem
  • Pretentious title with simplistic code/implementation
  • Broken Download
  • Bad english. That is a problem for foreigners, consider asking someone to help you
  • Assuming to much knowledge from your readers, not explainig the problem
  • Being to popular
  • technically inacceptable solution

(Note: I don't claim this is "fair", it's just the way it is. )

Things you can do:

  • There are articles about writing good articles. read them.
  • Ask kindly if someone would like to help you improve the article (e.g. proof-read, help with english etc.)
  • If all this fails, and you still think someone else voted your article down just because he doesn't like you, take a deep breath, and wait for a week.
  • If you think you made everything right, and suspect abuse of the voting system, contact a site editor through the suggestions board. Don#t expect miracles, though

What remains is that a '1' vote in the first five or so has much more influence than a later '1' vote. My suggeston: all article start with a vote of 3. It should be implementable eaily, and evens out the playing field a bit. I don't know all implications of this, though.

Some of us walk the memory lane, others plummet into a rabbit hole

Tree in C# || Fold With Us! || sighist

GeneralUnder what licence code and articles are published on codeproject? Pin
peterchen23-Jul-07 14:31
memberpeterchen23-Jul-07 14:31 

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