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Hi ,
what is the size of empty class in c++ and if the class contain only one VTABLE then what is the size?

Please explain?
Posted 23-Dec-12 20:25pm
Philippe Mori at 25-Dec-12 9:45am
Why not try it first or use Google? For example, a better question would be why on my compiler an empty class is not really empty... At least, it would show us that you have tried something.
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Solution 1

int main()
    class empty {};
    printf ("Size of empty is %d", sizeof(empty));
    return 0;
About VTable, virtual destructors and similar - google is your friend.
Hope this helps,
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Solution 2

Is is non-zero, you may see the reason, for instance, here: "Empty Classes" at MSDN[^].
ranjithkumar81 at 24-Dec-12 3:36am
#include using namespace std; class empty{ public: virtual void function() { } }; int main() { printf ("Size of empty is= %d\n", sizeof(empty)); return 0; } I am getting size of empty class is one byte and in a class contain one virtual function ,the size is 8 any one can explain?
Philippe Mori at 25-Dec-12 9:37am
At least one pointer is required for the vtable. There are also alignment issues. The actual size depend on the compiler options and the platforms.
CPallini at 24-Dec-12 4:21am
You get 8 because, when you add the virtual function, a vtable for the class must be created (and each instance of the class must hold a pointer to such vtable, and your machine is possibly a 64 bit one).
ranjithkumar81 at 24-Dec-12 5:33am
My question is not related to 64 bit machine and 32 bit machine? for example: class Base{ public: int a; }; void main() { printf("Size of class %d",sizeof(Base)); } its print 4. because int ocoupy 4 bytes in memory likewise ,i am asking about the VTABLE.
CPallini at 24-Dec-12 5:43am
Your test just tells us pointer size is 64 bits on your (64 bit) machine while int size is 32 bits.
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Solution 3

Your time would be much better spent studying the language in detail rather than randomly posting questions here. You could start by reading everything on Bjarne Stroustrup's website[^].
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Solution 4

In c++ sizeof operator will never returns zero. so i can say it will be a non zero which depends on the compiler your are using.
Philippe Mori at 25-Dec-12 9:40am
It is not that the operator result cannot be 0. It is that the class cannot be empty and still be conformant to C++ spécifications (each time you call new, it should give a different address provide that previous addresses are still in use).
ranjithkumar81 at 26-Dec-12 0:20am
ok, class Test { public: virtual void function() { } }; what is the size of Test class in 32bit machine and 64bit machine?

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