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I was working on Face Recognition code. After training the database and calling EigenObjectRecognizer, the result is a black image with unrecognized label.While the code running it looks like the following .And as shown in the picture the detected and supposed to be recognized and extracted face in the image box is totally black. And the input image for recognition is exactly the same as the one the database is trained with.So why it has kept giving Unknown or Unrecognized result. Part of the code looks
Images from the training set loaded as
    public FaceRecognizer()
            ContTrain = ContTrain + 1;
            //Load previous trained and labels for each image from the database Here
            string NameLabelsinfo = File.ReadAllText(Application.StartupPath +
            string[] NameLabels = NameLabelsinfo.Split('%');
            NumNameLabels = Convert.ToInt16(NameLabels[0]);
            string IDLabelsinfo = File.ReadAllText(Application.StartupPath +
            string[] IDLables = IDLabelsinfo.Split('%');
            NumIDLabels = Convert.ToInt16(IDLables[0]);

            if (NumNameLabels == NumIDLabels)
                ContTrain = NumNameLabels;
                string LoadFaces;
                // Converting the master image to a bitmap

                for (int tf = 1; tf < NumNameLabels + 1; tf++)
                    LoadFaces = String.Format("face{0}.bmp", tf);
                    trainingImages.Add(new Image<Gray, byte>(String.Format("
       {0}/TrainedFaces/{1}", Application.StartupPath, LoadFaces)));
        catch (Exception e)
            MessageBox.Show("Nothing in binary database, please add at least a
              face(Simply train the prototype with the Add Face Button).", "Triained
                 faces load",MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation);
The face recognizer method looks like
      private void RecognizeFaces()
        //detect faces from the gray-scale image and store into an array of type
         //    'var',i.e 'MCvAvgComp[]'
             Image<Gray, byte> grayframe = GetGrayframe();
           //Assign user-defined Values to parameter variables:
             MinNeighbors = int.Parse(comboBoxMinNeigh.Text);  // the 3rd parameter
            WindowsSize = int.Parse(textBoxWinSiz.Text);   // the 5th parameter
            ScaleIncreaseRate = Double.Parse(comboBoxScIncRte.Text); //the 2nd 

           var faces = grayframe.DetectHaarCascade(haar, ScaleIncreaseRate,
                                new Size(WindowsSize, WindowsSize))[0];
        if (faces.Length > 0 && trainingImages.ToArray().Length != 0)
            Bitmap ExtractedFace;   //empty
            ExtFaces = new Image<Gray, byte>[faces.Length];
            faceNo = 0;
            foreach (var face in faces)
                // ImageFrame.Draw(face.rect, new Bgr(Color.Green), 3);
                //set the size of the empty box(ExtractedFace) which will later
            //contain the detected face
                ExtractedFace = new Bitmap(face.rect.Width, face.rect.Height);
                ExtFaces[faceNo] = new Image<Gray, byte>(ExtractedFace); 
                ExtFaces[faceNo] = ExtFaces[faceNo].Resize(100, 100,
                //TermCriteria for face recognition with numbers of trained images
                //    like maxIteration
                MCvTermCriteria termCrit = new MCvTermCriteria(ContTrain, 0.001);
                    //Eigen face recognizer
                        EigenObjectRecognizer recognizer = new EigenObjectRecognizer(
                         ref termCrit);
               stringOutput[faceNo] = recognizer.Recognize(ExtFaces[faceNo]);
            pbExtractedFaces.Image = ExtFaces[0].ToBitmap(); //draw the face detected
                  // in the 0th (gray) channel with blue color

            if (stringOutput[0] == "")
                    label1.Text = "Unknown";
                    label9.Text = "";
                //Draw the label for each face detected and recognized
                    //string[] label = stringOutput[faceNo].Split(',');
                    label1.Text = "Known";
                   // for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++)
                    label9.Text = stringOutput[0];
                        //label7.Text = label[1];
        if (faceNo == 0)
                MessageBox.Show("No face detected");
            btnNextRec.Enabled = true;
            btnPreviousRec.Enabled = true;
The training set is trained with detected faces as follows
           private void saveFaceToDB_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
               abd = (Bitmap) pbExtractedFaces.Image;
               TrainedFaces = new Image<Gray, byte>(abd);
               //Write the number of trained faces in a file text for further load
              File.WriteAllText(Application.StartupPath + "/TrainedFaces
              /TrainedNameLables.txt", trainingImages.ToArray().Length + "%");
              File.WriteAllText(Application.StartupPath + "/TrainedFaces
               /TrainedIDLables.txt", trainingImages.ToArray().Length + "%");
              //Write the labels of trained faces in a file text for further load
              for (int i = 1; i < trainingImages.ToArray().Length + 1; i++)
                 trainingImages.ToArray()[i - 1].Save(String.Format("{0}/TrainedFaces
                   /face{1}.bmp", Application.StartupPath, i));
                  File.AppendAllText(Application.StartupPath + "/TrainedFaces
             /TrainedIDLables.txt", NameLabless.ToArray()[i - 1] + "%");
              File.AppendAllText(Application.StartupPath + "/TrainedFaces
             /TrainedNameLables.txt", IDLabless.ToArray()[i - 1] + "%");
          MessageBox.Show(StudentName.Text + "´s face detected and added :)", "Training
              OK", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information);
Posted 12-May-13 13:02pm
Member 10045355 at 28-May-13 9:59am
hi I have problem win I clic recognize eroor :An unhandled exception of type 'Emgu.CV.Util.CvException' occurred in Emgu.CV.dll
Additional information: OpenCV: Different sizes of objects
Member 10045355 at 28-May-13 10:01am
plzzzzzzzz help me
Member 10045355 at 28-May-13 16:25pm
hi I have problem :An unhandled exception of type 'Emgu.CV.Util.CvException' occurred in Emgu.CV.dll
Additional information: OpenCV: Different sizes of objects
sizusuzu at 30-May-13 18:47pm
You have to check the size of images in your training set and input image to the recognizer.May be you will get a better help if you post your question?
Member 10045355 at 1-Jun-13 13:58pm
thank you I solved by resizing but I have problem I have eroor :An unhandled exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in CameraCapture.exe
Additional information: La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet.
name = recognizer.Recognize(ExtFaces[faceNo]).ToString();
stringOutput[faceNo] = name; please help me thanks

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