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SOAP Client: Using SOAP Toolkit 3.0

, 2 Nov 2003
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A SOAP client, using SOAP Toolkit 3.0.


This article describes a project that provides a SOAP Client using SOAP Toolkit 3.0. It can be altered to use with SOAP Toolkit 2.0.

Using the code

The project is a Win32 console application. The user needs to change the method name as well as the path of the WSDL file.


  • SOAP Toolkit 2.0 or 3.0
  • MSXML 4.0

Instructions to download as well as install these are present in the MSDN website.

HRESULT hRes = CoInitialize(NULL);

    ///////////////////NEW VERSION
    CString csMethodName="MEthodName";
    //OLECHAR FAR* fszMemberFunc[] = {L"MethodName"}; 
                    //Name of method being called

    LPOLESTR fszMemberFunc;
    IDispatch FAR* pdisp; //Pointer to IDispatch object
    DISPID dispid; //ID of method
    unsigned int uArgErr = 0;
    DISPPARAMS dispparams; //Parameter workarea
    EXCEPINFO excepinfo; //Exception Information
    HRESULT hresult; //return value, system functions
    VARIANT returnval; //return value(s) from server being called
    CString CEMessage;

    _bstr_t bstrWSDLFile

    BSTR xmlInput;
    CString tempValue= "<TEST>Hi there</TEST>";
    xmlInput= tempValue.AllocSysString();

    dispparams.rgvarg = NULL;
//  CComPtr<ISOAPClient> m_ptrSoapClient;
    CComPtr<ISoapClient> m_ptrSoapClient;//For SOAPTOOLKIT 3.0
        hresult = AnsiToUnicode(csMethodName,&fszMemberFunc); 

            CEMessage.Format("Unable to execute AnsiToUnicode"
                " for ProgID %s, with Error : %d",
                csMethodName, hresult);
            throw (CEMessage);
            //error converting the method anme
        //For SOAPTOOLKIT 2.0
    //  hresult = 
        //For SOAPTOOLKIT 3.0
        hresult = m_ptrSoapClient.CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(SoapClient30));
        if (S_OK != hresult)    {

            CEMessage.Format("CoCreateInstance failed for"
                   " SOAP CLIENT  with the Error : %d",
            throw (CEMessage); //error creating an instance 
        _bstr_t tmp(_T(""));

        hresult = m_ptrSoapClient->MSSoapInit(bstrWSDLFile, 
                              "","","");//For SOAPTOOLKIT 3.0
//      hresult = m_ptrSoapClient->mssoapinit(bstrWSDLFile,
                              "","","");//For SOAPTOOLKIT 2.0

        if (S_OK != hresult) {

            CEMessage.Format("Initialization failed"
                    " for SOAP Client  with Error : %d", 
            throw (CEMessage);
        }//Falied to inialize

        //    GetID of Member Function Being called
        hresult = -1;

        hresult = m_ptrSoapClient->GetIDsOfNames(IID_NULL, 
                    &fszMemberFunc, 1,    
                    LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT, &dispid);
        if (S_OK != hresult) {

            CEMessage.Format("GetIDsOfNames failed for"
              " ProgID SoapClient, Function Name %s,  with Error : %d", 
            throw (CEMessage);

        //Now setup arguments for transfer to server
        dispparams.rgvarg = new VARIANTARG[1];

        if (NULL == dispparams.rgvarg)
            throw ("Unable to allocate from the heap");

        dispparams.cArgs = 1;
        dispparams.cNamedArgs = 0;
        dispparams.rgdispidNamedArgs = NULL;
        dispparams.rgvarg[0].vt = VT_BYREF|VT_BSTR;
        dispparams.rgvarg[0].pbstrVal = &xmlInput;     

        //Setup initial conditions and Invoke Call
        excepinfo.wCode = 0;
        excepinfo.bstrSource = NULL;
        excepinfo.bstrDescription = NULL;
        excepinfo.bstrHelpFile = NULL;
        hresult = -1;
        hresult = m_ptrSoapClient->Invoke(dispid, IID_NULL, 
                    &dispparams, &returnval, &excepinfo, &uArgErr);

        if (S_OK != hresult) {
            if (DISP_E_EXCEPTION == hresult) {

                char src[256];
                char dsc[256];
                DWORD iLengthS = 
                   SysStringByteLen (excepinfo.bstrSource);
                DWORD iLengthD = 
                   SysStringByteLen (excepinfo.bstrDescription);
                WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, NULL, 
                    src, sizeof(src), NULL, NULL);
                WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, NULL, 
                    dsc, sizeof(dsc), NULL, NULL);
                CEMessage.Format("exceptinfo: bstrSource '%s', 
                    bstrDescription '%s', wCode '%d'", 
                    src, dsc, excepinfo.wCode);

            bstr_t faultString=m_ptrSoapClient->GetFaultString();
            CString tempFaultString=(LPCSTR)faultString;
            bstr_t  detail=m_ptrSoapClient->GetDetail();
            CString tempfaultdetail=(LPCSTR) detail;
            CEMessage.Format("IDispatch.Invoke() failed for"
                 " ProgID SoapClient, Function Name %s  with HRESULT"
                 "   %d  FaultString %s and FaltDetails %s", 
            throw (CEMessage);

        CString temp= returnval.bstrVal;//temp has the results

    catch (CString& csMsg)

    catch (CException* pException)
        char msg[256];

        delete pException;
    catch (...)

    if (m_ptrSoapClient)
        pdisp = NULL;
    if (NULL != dispparams.rgvarg)
        delete [] dispparams.rgvarg;


Points of interest

Couple of points which are worth mentioning:

  1. In case the user encounters this error:
    exceptinfo: bstrSource 'Connector', bstrDescription 
      'Connector:Connection time out. 
    HRESULT=0x800A1527 - Client:An unanticipated error occurred 
      during the processing of this request. 
    HRESULT=0x800A1527 - Client:Sending the Soap message failed or no 
      recognizable response was received 
    HRESULT=0x800A1527 - ClieConnector', wCode '0'

    Bump up the timeout. It might fix it.

  2. If WinINET connector to be used instead of WinHTTP, rename/delete whsc30.dll under program files\common files\MSSoap\Binaries.


This article has no explicit license attached to it but may contain usage terms in the article text or the download files themselves. If in doubt please contact the author via the discussion board below.

A list of licenses authors might use can be found here


About the Author

Vipul Bansal

United States United States
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