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Started out programming at a young age on the Apple 2e. Never had a computer at home but utilized every second I had when I could get on one. Started working as a webmaster and system technician right out of high school. I focused primarily on utilizing LAMP. After 6 years of PHP, doing various sites ranging from local and national bands to chiropractors I took some classes to delve into the OO world. Got a job as a .NET developer after my first and only semester and have been programming primarily in .NET since.
Since then I've written dozens of programs ranging from simple windows services to full business solutions that go from Order/Quote entry to invoicing and A/R. Some of the most fun I've had is writing a Warehouse Management product for Windows Mobile Barcode scanners.
I've sub contracted for IBM as a consultant for working in U2 and UniObjects.
Experience includes (but not limited to): C#, .NETCF, PHP, Perl, C, C++, PICK/BASIC, UNIBASIC, UniObjects, Pick/Multivalue Databases, SQL Server, MySql, Windows/Linux Server Administration, network technician, etc
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