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Industry News Ars Technica 14 May 2009 4,577
Viruses now penetrating deeper
Entirely unrelated to the next story
Industry News ZDNet 14 May 2009 6,336
Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 expected as soon as next week
"All you have to do is to knock the heels together three times and command the shoes to carry you wherever you wish to go"
Developer News ZDNet 14 May 2009 9,778
JavaScript - the Web site performance killer, Google guru says
The language giveth, and the language taketh away.
Developer News Computerworld 14 May 2009 7,534
New release of the Ajax Control Toolkit
Now with a WYSIWYG editor and more!
Developer News MSDN Blogs 14 May 2009 6,260
Rotten office fridge cleanup sends 7 to hospital
"Anything left will be thrown out on Friday unless marked"
Developer News Yahoo News 14 May 2009 6,399
Why do you POST questions in the programming forums?
Urgent!!111!!!oneoneone Help needed plz.
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 May 2009 155
Why do you ANSWER questions in the programming forums?
"The Force is what gives a Jedi his power."
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 May 2009 147
Google: 15,000 searches = 1 cheeseburger (hold the fries)
I guess I need to do more searches, I'm a little hungry.
Industry News Ars Technica 13 May 2009 5,569
Google launches search options, Google Squared at Searchology
Google Squared? Is that where you use Google search to find something useful in a search result?
Industry News eWeek 13 May 2009 3,500
Microsoft starts taking names for invite-only Office 2010 preview
Careful! You know what happens after people take names!
Industry News Computerworld 13 May 2009 2,581
Medieval secrets behind Microsoft research
(Not including the rack and thumbscrews)
Industry News ZDNet 13 May 2009 6,779
Announcing the SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit
SELECT learning.* FROM sp_databases WHERE newFeatures=?
Developer News MSDN Blogs 13 May 2009 3,284
Too much experience could be hurting your IT job search
"My ideal choice? Jack Bauer. But he is unavailable, fictional, and overqualified."
Developer News Network World 13 May 2009 6,127
Why layoffs hit IT professionals so hard
"Big boys don't cry. Big boys don't cry."
Developer News 13 May 2009 13,308
What happens to data when a Web start-up dies?
"Because of the automated and irrevocable decision-making process which rules out human meddling, the Doomsday machine is terrifying and simple to understand"
Developer News Webware 13 May 2009 3,598
Sign of the times?
Wanted: C# developer, must bring own ladder
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 May 2009 150
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 May 2009 133
Pirate Bay founder devises DDo$ attack
"Me, I'm dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly stupid."
Industry News Elsewhere 12 May 2009 7,998
Industry News Tech Flash 12 May 2009 3,602
Microsoft finally acknowledges Windows 7 will ship in 2009
In time for your holiday upgrading parties
Industry News ZDNet 12 May 2009 9,046
What Google knows about you
It knows when you're sleeping. It knows when you're awake.
Industry News Computerworld 12 May 2009 8,765
Trolling someone online? Bill would slap you with jail time
In other news: Slashdot and (the old) Soapbox on The Code Project shut down
Developer News Ars Technica 12 May 2009 3,545
IBM files patent for shorter meetings
At last! Now if someone could just invent the null meeting
Developer News The Register 12 May 2009 4,198

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