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6 Jun 2016 -
  13 Jun 2016
Will you develop apps for Windows Phone?
30 May 2016 -
  6 Jun 2016
Overall, is software development getting harder or easier?
On one hand we have better tools, better languages, better frameworks. We also have more complicated tools, more complicated languages, and more complicated frameworks.
23 May 2016 -
  30 May 2016
Do you work on your days off?
Days off are meant to be "off", but that's not always the case.
16 May 2016 -
  23 May 2016
Who is the most innovative Tech company?
The Major players have the resources to fund innovation. Which of the following are the most innovative - or are none of them in the top spot?
9 May 2016 -
  16 May 2016
How likely are you to download apps from different sources?
Tread lightly and carry a full backup when it comes to downloading apps. How likely are you to venture to these places? 1 = not at all likely, 5 = Very likely.
2 May 2016 -
  9 May 2016
Which social media do you engage in?
Which of the following do you participate in (read or write) at least once a week?
25 Apr 2016 -
  2 May 2016
Are you using Xamarin?
Microsoft purchased Xamarin earlier this year making Xamarin a simpler choice for Mobile development.
18 Apr 2016 -
  25 Apr 2016
Which versions of the .NET framework are you targeting?
This one for the .NET devs in the house.
11 Apr 2016 -
  18 Apr 2016
Which traits are important if you wish to be a developer?
Rate each trait from 1 = not important to 5 = super important for one to be a successful developer. (adapted from Will J Miller's suggestion)
4 Apr 2016 -
  11 Apr 2016
How are you using Cloud Services?
Cloud services could be storage, analytics, back end communication services - , user Inspired by a recent rant in the Lounge.
28 Mar 2016 -
  4 Apr 2016
Do you have a dedicated testing environment?
Testing should mimic production. That's not always practical or possible. How close do you get?
21 Mar 2016 -
  28 Mar 2016
For how long should you provide basic support for your software?
Basic Support meaning security patches and assurance your app will continue to run on the platforms / OS it originally targeted. Support time for version N starts when version N+1 is released.
14 Mar 2016 -
  21 Mar 2016
Are you left handed or right handed?
A not very scientific investigation into whether we as developers fit general population averages.
7 Mar 2016 -
  14 Mar 2016
Will you run your.NET apps on Linux or MacOS X?
.NEt Core 1.0 runs natively on MacOS and Linux as well as Windows. Are you tempted to try non-Windows platforms?
29 Feb 2016 -
  7 Mar 2016
Cloud services and APIs mean trusting the provider. How much do you trust the following companies with your sensitive data?
1 = no trust, 5 = Trust completely. Note we're talking about "trust the company with your data" not "be a good / evil / likeable / distasteful entity".
22 Feb 2016 -
  29 Feb 2016
How do you upgrade your tools of trade?
What do you do when your computer just doesn't cut it anymore?
15 Feb 2016 -
  22 Feb 2016
How concerned are you that Intelligent Machines will take over your job?
The smarter we make the machines the more capable they will be of doing our jobs.
8 Feb 2016 -
  15 Feb 2016
Would you place advertising in your non-web applications?
There's lots of reasons for and against having ads in your apps. Where do you stand?
1 Feb 2016 -
  8 Feb 2016
Should every application work on all device types?
The Universal Windows Platform (for example) aims to allow users to "use whatever device is most convenient or productive for the task at hand". This doesn't mean the app is the same on all devices, but that it works and presents itself according to the current device. Is this sensible for all applications?
25 Jan 2016 -
  1 Feb 2016
Are you a DevOps engineer?
DevOps: An IT professional who can mix coding with SysAdmin, who can write the code, deploy the apps, deal with the data, and who understands where it all fits in the business. You're IT Special Forces.

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