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Comments by Matthew Dennis (Top 65 by date)

Matthew Dennis 19-May-16 8:14am View
Please post your code. We can't read minds.
Matthew Dennis 18-Feb-16 17:41pm View
test comment
Matthew Dennis 11-Nov-15 21:17pm View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n just testing voting
Matthew Dennis 1-Nov-15 17:45pm View
You too.
An empty iteration statement (the third part) is a valid expression. This can be zero or more expressions separated by the comma operator, and don't have to do anything related to the termination condition.
Matthew Dennis 6-Oct-15 17:26pm View
Then you are probably trying to implement and divide-and-conquer algorithm for your Algorithms and Data Structures course.
When I took it, we had to calculate 72!, which has 100 digits. I had to do it in Pascal.
The trick is to break it into chunks that you can add or multiply, do the operation on the chucks, and then recombine them into a structure that can hold the result, possibly an array.
Matthew Dennis 5-Oct-15 23:12pm View
for an example of using BigInteger see my tip
Matthew Dennis 19-Aug-15 17:30pm View
Don't you mean string requiredFormat = "yyyy-MM-dd";?
Matthew Dennis 21-Jul-15 13:45pm View
Actually, the question lacks the context of seeing the time metrics during debugging.
VS has a lot of features that change depending on what you are doing.
I suggest that you edit your question to make it clearer where you expected the metrics so that others can understand you problem and benefit from the answers.
Matthew Dennis 27-May-15 22:14pm View
test comment
Matthew Dennis 8-Aug-14 14:49pm View
True enough. However, Console Apps work fine, as the output gets thrown away. Just don't try and read from the Console :)
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 13:56pm View
Despite the fact that the async/await pattern was specifically created to address the complexity and non-scalablity of Threaded programming for IO bound code?
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 13:41pm View
You obviously don't understand how Async works. When an async method awaits a Task, the Thread is made available for use for the execution of other Tasks. This means that each Thread will execute multiple Tasks and will scale better. If you just spin up a new Thread for each chunk of work you will end up creating and time-slicing a large number of threads, each of which has an overhead in terms of memory and CPU.
This is shown in MS examples that have a web site using 5000 Threads for a certain level of concurrent user access, while the async version of the same site will only need 50 Threads and a lot less memory/CPU making the system much more scalable.
I personally find the async/await code much easier to write and read, but it does take a certain level of study and experimentation until you reach the 'Eureka' moment and it all makes sense.
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 12:31pm View
and another test
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 12:22pm View
Debug verification
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 12:21pm View
because I was stepping through the code. Expect some notifications while I work on this. I think I've found the issue and need to verify it.
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 12:07pm View
Now with the debugger attached ...
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:48am View
Just to drive me crazy, I bet you get the notification AND email for this.
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:47am View
Thanks, looks like I've got some more code reading to do. Might be a bug in the caching that is affecting determining whether the user has permitted emails and if their email address is confirmed and the confirmation has not expired.
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:32am View
The email should be working, but I only got the emails for the Solution and the Comment on the question. Did you get any emails.
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:30am View
And I have my expected 7 :). I tweaked a few conditionals that might have resulted in some notification not being sent. I hope this works now :)
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:28am View
And I have my expected 7 :). I tweaked a few conditionals that might have resulted in some notification not being sent. I hope this works now :)
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:26am View
I checked the database and you have 3 Notifications, not including this one, which is what I expect. :)
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:23am View
Here is a reply to your comment instead of talking to myself.
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:22am View
That would do it, I explicitly don't send notifications to people who are talking to themselves :)
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:14am View
And I got the email for this, I hope you get both
Matthew Dennis 15-Jul-14 11:14am View
I got the email for this
Matthew Dennis 11-Jul-14 12:36pm View
Well I got that notification. It appears I 'just' have an issue with Comments :(
Matthew Dennis 11-Jul-14 11:54am View
I appears to be a problem with comments. I got notifications for the replies to my comments in the solution but not to my comments in the Question.

Could you post another answer. Thanks
Matthew Dennis 11-Jul-14 11:09am View
That looks like a different issue than the one I fixed. More code spelunking is in my future.
Matthew Dennis 11-Jul-14 11:04am View
I got both the notification and the email for this.
Thanks for the help.
Matthew Dennis 11-Jul-14 11:03am View
Thanks for the assistance
Matthew Dennis 11-Jul-14 11:01am View
I at got a notification and an email :)
Matthew Dennis 11-Jul-14 11:00am View
It looks like its working. I got an email, at least for the solution.
Matthew Dennis 15-Jun-14 16:58pm View
All this code does is reverse the order of the elements in the array. A simple O(N) operation.
Matthew Dennis 11-Jun-14 22:18pm View
Please try again. I works for me.
What browser, and OS are you using?
Matthew Dennis 4-Feb-14 11:25am View
It's not a solution, just another way to do it.
Matthew Dennis 3-Feb-14 18:01pm View
Why did you flag the question as Unclear or Incomplete? It seems very clear to me what he is asking.
Matthew Dennis 3-Feb-14 15:35pm View
You could also do
string u = "...";
drpdwn.datasource = context.DB.SUB_HEAD.Where(x => x.head_code == u).ToList();
Matthew Dennis 20-Jan-14 16:45pm View
Test message -- Ignore
Matthew Dennis 10-Jan-14 16:53pm View
Test Comment
Matthew Dennis 25-Aug-13 12:49pm View
Did you check the trash bin for the file?
Matthew Dennis 21-Aug-13 19:14pm View
Not SEO friendly. The URL should include something that describes what the URL is about.
Google will find it if there is a link to that URL on some page that it indexes.
Matthew Dennis 11-Feb-13 11:09am View
try searching for ASP.NET Membership
Matthew Dennis 18-Oct-11 19:55pm View
I used an array of ints of 5 digit length as the product would be 10 digits or less, the max on the machine we were using. Then iteratively multiplied the array by the each number and 'normalized' the array items to 5 digits. See my alternate below on using the BigInteger class.
Matthew Dennis 18-Oct-11 19:30pm View
I had an assignment in university to calculate 72!, all 100 digits of it. Most of the class blew their account limits with infinite loops and other errors.
Matthew Dennis 19-Jun-11 14:36pm View
Matthew Dennis 16-May-11 15:17pm View
And how much are you willing to pay?
Matthew Dennis 2-Sep-10 18:56pm View
asfasf asdfasf
Matthew Dennis 3-Aug-10 11:17am View
Reason for my vote of 5
test vote
Matthew Dennis 3-Aug-10 11:17am View
Reason for my vote of 3
test vote
Matthew Dennis 8-Jun-10 11:46am View
Is this a Windows Forms Application or a WebForms Application? If Windows Forms, you will need to host the browser to display the HTML as you want.
Matthew Dennis 29-May-10 11:16am View
this is a test comment
Matthew Dennis 27-May-10 16:21pm View
Matthew Dennis 24-May-10 12:40pm View
Matthew Dennis 22-May-10 19:30pm View
You might want to check out the Reactive Extensions for .Net (or JavaScript). Any IEnumerable can be turned into an Observable collection. See
There are also a number of Blogs about it. Also Channel9 has several videos.
Matthew Dennis 18-May-10 22:06pm View
this is a test
Matthew Dennis 17-May-10 16:51pm View
Matthew Dennis 17-May-10 13:08pm View
test to see iff the spaces get mangled.
Matthew Dennis 13-May-10 7:19am View
test "test";)
Matthew Dennis 13-May-10 7:19am View
Matthew Dennis 12-May-10 17:13pm View
A test comment; alskfjslfkj
Matthew Dennis 10-May-10 10:40am View
This is a test for a commenting issue, ignore.
Matthew Dennis 6-May-10 9:37am View
Matthew Dennis 6-May-10 9:36am View
Testing Comment
Matthew Dennis 4-May-10 16:12pm View
a test comment

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