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Comments by Jαved (Top 134 by date)

Jαved at 19-Nov-14 2:23am View
Jαved at 19-Nov-14 2:10am View
Jαved at 6-Nov-14 22:18pm View
Thank you :)
Jαved at 28-Oct-14 11:17am View
Jαved at 23-Oct-14 3:22am View
Thanks CodingK :)
Jαved at 10-Aug-14 5:01am View
Thank you :)
Jαved at 3-Jul-14 5:38am View
Not clear. what you want to do?
do you want to set css to Label?
Jαved at 2-Jul-14 11:55am View
Welcome bro :)
Jαved at 10-Mar-14 0:20am View
Hi RyanDev,
I want to call a fuction on fileupload control file selection. And i dont find any event for that. can you help?
Jαved at 10-Mar-14 0:19am View
Hi CHill60,
Thanks for your time. Actually what I want is to fill the dropdownlist on file selection of fileupload control. which are in DataGrid in I have tried everything but cannot find event on which i can call fill dropdownlist function.
Any of c# or code/ Idea will do.
Jαved at 5-Jun-13 10:52am View
Show us what have you done so far.
Jαved at 5-Jun-13 7:43am View
Are you storing image in database or path of the image?
Jαved at 4-Jun-13 5:21am View
I dont know what you are asking. Remember I cant see your files/ Desktop/ data.
Jαved at 6-May-13 4:57am View
check here-
Jαved at 29-Apr-13 5:00am View
Have you solved it? or else add the code here so i can check it for you.
Jαved at 9-Mar-13 8:07am View
what do you want to do? please elaborate.
Jαved at 9-Mar-13 3:24am View
Hello Michael,
can you tell how can i do it. I dont know.
Jαved at 9-Mar-13 3:23am View
Question updated!
Jαved at 9-Mar-13 3:23am View
Question updated!
Jαved at 9-Mar-13 3:23am View
Question updated!
Jαved at 9-Mar-13 3:23am View
Question updated!
Jαved at 9-Mar-13 3:08am View
Welcome. If you find it useful then please accept it as answer.
Jαved at 8-Mar-13 2:47am View
Hi Kavitha,
is your table's primary key referenced in other table?
Jαved at 13-Feb-13 8:03am View
Not clear, exactly what do you want to do?
Jαved at 13-Feb-13 7:26am View
Why Label in Datagridview?
Jαved at 13-Feb-13 7:21am View
You're welcome! B-)
Jαved at 13-Feb-13 3:48am View
instead of Console.WriteLine() add to ListBox as ListBox1.Items.Add().
Jαved at 13-Feb-13 2:57am View
I have updated the answer check the link.
Jαved at 13-Feb-13 2:54am View
it should work i dont know why it is not working.
Jαved at 13-Feb-13 2:38am View
+5. good answer.
Jαved at 7-Feb-13 7:25am View
elaborate. nothing happens automatically.
Jαved at 1-Aug-12 5:02am View
Jαved at 11-Jul-12 2:36am View
+5 good links.
Jαved at 29-Jun-12 7:19am View
have you referenced System.IO Namespace?
Jαved at 29-Jun-12 7:05am View
Hi Dhinesh,
Sorry for late reply. You can store the client IP/ Name to identify.
Jαved at 29-Jun-12 6:47am View
Hello faizyab,
Try Google for this.
Jαved at 29-Jun-12 6:12am View
Thanks Tim.
Jαved at 28-Jun-12 7:59am View
so what is the problem?
Jαved at 28-Jun-12 7:02am View
added pre tag.
Jαved at 28-Jun-12 2:10am View
Jαved at 28-Jun-12 2:10am View
You are Welcome.
Jαved at 27-Jun-12 7:44am View
Please explain clearly what you want.
Jαved at 27-Jun-12 7:01am View
Answer updated.
Jαved at 27-Jun-12 6:55am View
You are welcome. Accept as answer if you think it helped.
Jαved at 27-Jun-12 6:55am View
Jαved at 22-Jun-12 2:09am View
Good +5.
Jαved at 21-Jun-12 7:31am View
Good links +5.
Jαved at 21-Jun-12 7:14am View
You are welcome.
Jαved at 13-Jun-12 5:09am View
Perfect +5.
Jαved at 12-Jun-12 8:33am View
Useful links +5.
Jαved at 12-Jun-12 8:24am View
you are Welcome. If you think it helped you then "Accept it as answer".
Jαved at 12-Jun-12 7:57am View
Thank you.
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 9:52am View
Good answer +5!
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 9:40am View
Hi Pratik,
I think in the article it is already demonstrated.
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 9:38am View
Thanks Tim.
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 9:37am View
Thanks Tim.
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 9:37am View
Thanks Tim.
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 9:36am View
Thanks Tim.
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 9:35am View
Glad it helped.
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 8:57am View
Hey Sandeep links not working.
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 8:55am View
Not clear.
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 8:52am View
Perfect solution SA 5 from me!
Jαved at 11-Jun-12 8:04am View
Jαved at 6-Jun-12 15:30pm View
Good 5 from me.
Jαved at 1-Jun-12 9:17am View
Oh yes sorry. thanks Tim.
Jαved at 1-Jun-12 7:57am View
Good 5!
Jαved at 1-Jun-12 7:56am View
What have you done so far?
Jαved at 1-Jun-12 6:17am View
Good 5!
Jαved at 1-Jun-12 5:58am View
do you want to check only one checkbox out of 3? if so, then go for radioButton.
Jαved at 1-Jun-12 5:53am View
please explain the problem.... cant understand.
in datagridview?
Jαved at 1-Jun-12 3:05am View
Thanks Sandeep.
Jαved at 1-Jun-12 3:01am View
Have you installed any hardware or software on your PC recently?
Jαved at 31-May-12 5:02am View
are the records seperated by comma or space? or there is only one record on one line?
Jαved at 31-May-12 4:53am View
what kind of payment information? any kind of payment statement?
Jαved at 29-May-12 2:56am View
All right. I think your question is answered here-
Jαved at 28-May-12 9:37am View
Set HDR=YES in connection string.
Jαved at 12-Apr-12 6:07am View
It seems to be your Assignment. Try it yourself. if any problem arises post it here.
Jαved at 12-Apr-12 6:00am View
Please explain neatly. It's completely confusing.
Jαved at 30-Mar-12 8:17am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Very poor.
Jαved at 29-Mar-12 5:16am View
I have updated the answer.
Jαved at 29-Mar-12 5:08am View
Anytime for you dude.
Accept it as answer then.
Jαved at 26-Mar-12 8:28am View
Yes you are right.
Jαved at 26-Mar-12 8:25am View
Thanks Shahin.
Jαved at 21-Mar-12 9:46am View
It is using disconnected architecture so it does your reqirement.
Jαved at 21-Mar-12 7:34am View
Yes i Google for this and spent almost 2 days finding that is why I posted it here else i would not. I dont want to use Regular Expressions.
Jαved at 21-Mar-12 5:01am View
Agreed SA. but i require for my project. its a clients requirement that login password should have atleast 1 char, 1 number and 1 Special char. I dont want you to do it for me atleast giude me or tell me if is it possible or not. Thanks for the comment.
Special character are - " ~@#$%^&*()_+=/*-+.[]';/.?>":}{<,"
Jαved at 27-Feb-12 5:01am View
Not solved yet.
Jαved at 16-Feb-12 10:08am View
Try it yourself. it will help you learn. We dont do homework for you if you have any problems then post here we will try to solve it.
Jαved at 15-Feb-12 6:10am View
you want to show records of type (selected from combobox) in second combobox right?
Jαved at 10-Feb-12 6:35am View
did you use DateTimePicker for date?
Jαved at 7-Feb-12 5:52am View
No. I'm using it for Winforms application.
Jαved at 4-Feb-12 8:41am View
Not solved yet.
Jαved at 30-Jan-12 0:53am View
sorry for the late reply.
I think the error you received is because you forget to use New keyword while creating object somewhere.
Jαved at 24-Jan-12 8:53am View
Added pre tag.
Jαved at 24-Jan-12 8:51am View
seems to be correct.
Edited=> Moved return true in the if else loop.
Jαved at 24-Jan-12 8:48am View
You are not returning any value then why are you using Functions?
Jαved at 24-Jan-12 8:44am View
Added pre tag.
Jαved at 20-Jan-12 5:09am View
added pre tag.
Jαved at 20-Jan-12 5:06am View
Added pre tag.
Javedsamrt at 18-Jan-12 2:57am View
Explanation needed. what you want to do exactly?
Javedsamrt at 17-Jan-12 12:08pm View
Not an answer. post in questions.
Javedsamrt at 16-Jan-12 8:31am View
Put some efforts. try it yourself.
Javedsamrt at 16-Jan-12 8:27am View
Have you tried it yourself?
Javedsamrt at 16-Jan-12 7:55am View
Give more information.
Javedsamrt at 16-Jan-12 7:54am View
dont ask Same questions again and again...
Javedsamrt at 16-Jan-12 2:06am View
Completely agreed.
Javedsamrt at 16-Jan-12 2:02am View
You are welcome.
All the best.
Javedsamrt at 13-Jan-12 9:39am View
What if i want to restrict user to copy content/ text from page ??
Javedsamrt at 13-Dec-11 3:02am View
Javedsamrt at 7-Dec-11 2:44am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Awesome work.
Javedsamrt at 30-Nov-11 4:26am View
That seems to be helpful... can u convert it to VB.
and how do i make it update/ insert "HOLIDAY" in table automatically for the month.
Javedsamrt at 30-Nov-11 4:16am View
how do i automatically insert HOLIDAY on sundays in table.
Javedsamrt at 30-Nov-11 3:44am View
Thanks Hemant-Sharma hope this works for me. let me give it a try.
Javedsamrt at 30-Nov-11 3:43am View
Thanks let me see if it works for me.
Javedsamrt at 30-Nov-11 3:35am View
Good attempt but you'll have to write it for every number. then it will become fore lengthy. and to write it is very time consuming.
give some better solution.
Javedsamrt at 30-Nov-11 1:19am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Should provide some description about the working.
Javedsamrt at 28-Nov-11 1:33am View
no Amol i can run query on table. but i am asking about running query which is added later in the Access Database.

ex. my query name is query1 in database then
how do i run query1 using .net.

i write
Dim selectCMD As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand("SELECT CustomerID, CompanyName FROM query1", nwindConn)

Dim custDS As DataSet = New DataSet
custDA.Fill(custDS, "Query1")

can i run in access?

because i can run using SQLserver query perfectly
Javedsamrt at 28-Nov-11 1:27am View
not yet.
Javedsamrt at 28-Nov-11 1:23am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Very informative.
Javedsamrt at 28-Nov-11 1:13am View
Thanks man i was in so much need of this.
hope it works for me.
Javedsamrt at 9-Nov-11 5:20am View
thanks Wayne.
appreciate your help.
Javedsamrt at 8-Nov-11 8:08am View
can u tell me in brief?
Javedsamrt at 5-Nov-11 5:20am View
thanks Pascal Ganaye.
my problem is actually with application using more memory. i've created one sidebar application. i've made it to start when pc starts.

is it possible if i compile it with other compilor?
Javedsamrt at 17-Oct-11 9:24am View
oh mistake. :-)
Javedsamrt at 15-Oct-11 8:59am View
thanks André Kraak. That helped me.
u r a Rockstar man.
keep up the gud work. :-)
Javedsamrt at 15-Oct-11 8:58am View
Thanks Muhammad Shahid Farooq.
Javedsamrt at 15-Oct-11 8:58am View
Thanks OriginalGriff.
Javedsamrt at 14-Oct-11 3:13am View
Thanks DaveAuld.
Javedsamrt at 13-Oct-11 10:05am View
Still not solved do anyone can solve my problem?
Javedsamrt at 13-Oct-11 9:38am View
Thanks Mehdi Gholam can u please tell me briefly about it.
Javedsamrt at 13-Oct-11 9:30am View
Thanks Mehdi Gholam but i want the db to run from the same machine.

do i have to install them to run SQL database?
Javedsamrt at 11-Oct-11 16:00pm View
Thanks Dave. it sounds intresting. i will try your solution.

Javedsamrt at 11-Oct-11 9:27am View
thanks tusharpal i think link u provided has solution for my problem.

Thanks man thank you so much.
Appreciate your help...!!!
Javedsamrt at 11-Oct-11 9:13am View
thanks tusharpal for ur help...

but can u give me some details regarding it.. or how can i do it.
i have linked one image of it u can have a look at it..

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