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Discounted Code Signing Certificates From CodeProject

Get Your Code Signing Certificates Now

From only $109 per year!

  • Members of CodeProject get preferred pricing
  • Digitally signed – 32-bit or 64-bit Portable Executable (.exe, .ocx, .dll or other) or .cab files
  • Trusted sales outlet – packages software for transmission on the Internet
  • Ensures authenticity – assures users that they know where the code came from
  • Microsoft Authenticode – industry standard.
  • Future compatible – Code Signing Certificates are supported by all versions of Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7

What is Code Signing?

Think of code signing as shrink-wrap for your digital software. Any tampering will break the digital signature and alert your customers that the code has been altered and is no longer trustworthy.

What's in it for you?

Making it hard to tweak your code means your customers can trust that the software they're downloading is indeed the software you published; untainted. Signed code preserves both your business reputation and intellectual property.

Code signing doesn't alter the application—it simply appends a digital signature to the executable code. Digital signatures assure your customers that the integrity of the code they download from your site is intact. This digital signature delivers details that authenticate the signer and ensure that the code has not been subsequently modified.

Plus, in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and later versions, a UAC (User Account Control) dialog box interrupts installations of unsigned code. That dialog identifies you as an "unidentified publisher" - not a very professional appearance. Signed code, however, appears with your (company's) name.

Members of CodeProject get special pricing on code signing certificates.

Creating Customer Confidence

Your customers can download digitally signed Active X controls, dynamic link libraries, .cab files or HTML content from your site with full confidence that code really comes from you and hasn't been altered or corrupted since it was created and signed.

Code signing is available for a variety of content including software objects, macros, device drivers, firmware images, virus updates and configuration files for secure delivery over the Internet.

How Do I Sign My Code?

Digital signatures are created using a public-key signature algorithm such as the RSA public-key cipher. A public-key algorithm actually uses two different keys: the public key and the private key (called a key pair). The private key is known only to its owner, while the public key can be available to anyone.

Public-key algorithms are designed so that if one key is used for encryption, the other is necessary for decryption. Furthermore, the decryption key cannot be reasonably calculated from the encryption key. In digital signatures, the private key generates the signature, and the corresponding public key validates it.

Who Needs a Code Signing Digital ID?

If you're distributing code electronically you risk impersonation and tampering. CodeProject's Code Signing Digital IDs for Microsoft Authenticode protect against these hazards.

Code Project offers Digital IDs designed for commercial software developers. This class of Digital ID provides assurance regarding an organization's identity and legitimacy, much like a business license, and is designed to represent the level of assurance expected by your customers.

How does Authenticode work with Code Project Digital IDs?

Authenticode relies on industry standard cryptography techniques such as X.509 v3 certificates and PKCS #7 and #10 signature standards. These are well-proven cryptography protocols, which ensure a robust implementation of code signing technology.

Authenticode uses digital signature technology to assure users of the origin and integrity of software. In a digital signature, the private key generates the signature, and the corresponding public key validates it. To save time, the Authenticode protocols use a cryptographic digest, which is a one-way hash of the document.

By purchasing a Certificate from CodeProject, you agree to CodeProject's Code Signing Certificate Agreement and CodeProject Certificate Practice Agreement.

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