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Hi. My problem is I want to add another field for insert i.e ImagePath.
But when I try to add the logic for Insert ImagePath in business logic it shows No overload for 'SP_INSERT_INTO_FONDATION_BOLT_MST' method takes 21 arguments.

'SP_INSERT_INTO_FONDATION_BOLT_MST' is the stored procedure used for insert.

Below is the business logic
public class FoundationBoltLogic
        protected MastersDataContext context = new MastersDataContext();

        public string InsertData(FoundationBoltEntities BoltEntity)

            ISingleResult<SP_INSERT_INTO_FONDATION_BOLT_MSTResult> ds = context.SP_INSERT_INTO_FONDATION_BOLT_MST(BoltEntity.JBoltNos, BoltEntity.JBoltNos_desc, BoltEntity.JBoltDia, BoltEntity.JBoltDia_desc, BoltEntity.YieldStress, BoltEntity.YieldStress_desc, BoltEntity.PitchCircleDia, BoltEntity.PitchCircleDia_desc, BoltEntity.BoltLen, BoltEntity.BoltLen_desc, BoltEntity.ProjectedBLen, BoltEntity.ProjectedBLen_desc, BoltEntity.Cost, BoltEntity.Product_Type, BoltEntity.Bolt_Type, BoltEntity.ED_ACC, BoltEntity.UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT, BoltEntity.IsActive, BoltEntity.CreatedBy, BoltEntity.CreatedOn, BoltEntity.ImagePath);

            string strResult = "ERROR";

            foreach (SP_INSERT_INTO_FONDATION_BOLT_MSTResult row in ds)
                strResult = row.STATUS;
                if (strResult == "ERROR")
                    strResult = row.ERROR_MESSAGE;


            return strResult;

Please suggest what can I do to insert another field. I have created ImagePath field in the table. And also added in stored procedure.

try this

1. Open your .edmx file.
2. In the Model Browser, right-click the .edmx file and select "Update Model from Database".
3. Click the Refresh tab.
4. Click Finish button to update the .edmx file with the database changes.

for advance follow the link[^]
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Member 9017207 21-Aug-15 1:44am    
Where to find the .edmx file? And the model browser?
D V L 21-Aug-15 1:48am    
in your solution explorer
D V L 21-Aug-15 1:48am     CRLF
are you using Entity Framework? specify what are u using?
Member 9017207 21-Aug-15 1:53am    
yes i am using entity framework
D V L 21-Aug-15 1:57am     CRLF
then find your .edmx file in solution explorer double click or open it it show diagram view of your models.
The error message is quite clear, you're trying to provide different amount of parameters to the stored procedure than what it expects. You now use 21 parameters but the stored procedure expects perhaps 20 or 22 or something like that.

Without seeing the definition of the procedure, it's impossible to say where the mismatch is but double check the parameters you use compared to the stored procedure definition. If the stored procedure has been changed, verify that you have refreshed your data model to correspond with latest changes.
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Member 9017207 21-Aug-15 1:28am     CRLF
Stored procedure have been changed. But how to refresh the data model? Sorry I"m a newbie. Can you please tell me the procedure? Here is the whole procedure. ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[SP_INSERT_INTO_FONDATION_BOLT_MST] @JBoltNos BIGINT , @JBoltNos_desc [varchar](50),/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @JBoltDia BIGINT , @JBoltDia_desc [varchar](50),/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @YieldStress BIGINT , @YieldStress_desc [varchar](50),/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @PitchCircleDia BIGINT , @PitchCircleDia_desc [varchar](50),/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @BoltLen BIGINT , @BoltLen_desc [varchar](50),/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @ProjectedBLen BIGINT , @ProjectedBLen_desc [varchar](50),/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @Cost INT , @Product_Type [bigint],/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @Bolt_Type [varchar](30),/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @ED_ACC [bit],/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT [varchar](50),/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013 */ @IsActive BIT , @CreatedBy BIGINT , @CreatedOn DATETIME, @ImagePath VARCHAR(MAX) AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; BEGIN TRY BEGIN --condiditon to check 'similar data present' added by prasadh july 8rd 2013 IF exists( Select 'x' From DEF_FONDATION_BOLT_MST where [JBoltNos]=@JBoltNos AND [JBoltDia]=@JBoltDia AND [BoltLen]=@BoltLen AND [Product_Type]=@Product_Type and [Bolt_Type]=@Bolt_Type ) BEGIN RAISERROR('Record With Similar Bolt Number,Diameter,Length For Associated Product & Bolt Type Already Present',16,1) END ELSE BEGIN --BEGIN TRANSACTION TransInsertBOLT INSERT INTO dbo.DEF_FONDATION_BOLT_MST (/*Insertion Begins*/ [JBoltNos] ,[JBoltNos_desc]/*Added by Avinaash on 05/06/2013*/ ,[JBoltDia] ,[JBoltDia_desc] ,[YieldStress] ,[YieldStress_desc] ,[PitchCircleDia] ,[PitchCircleDia_desc] ,[BoltLen] ,[BoltLen_desc] ,[ProjectedBLen] ,[ProjectedBLen_desc] ,[Cost] ,[Product_Type] ,[Bolt_Type] ,[ED_ACC] ,[UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT] ,[IsActive] ,[CreatedBy] ,[CreatedOn] ,[ImagePath] ) VALUES( @JBoltNos ,@JBoltNos_desc ,@JBoltDia ,@JBoltDia_desc ,@YieldStress ,@YieldStress_desc ,@PitchCircleDia ,@PitchCircleDia_desc ,@BoltLen ,@BoltLen_desc ,@ProjectedBLen ,@ProjectedBLen_desc ,@Cost ,@Product_Type ,@Bolt_Type ,@ED_ACC ,@UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT ,@IsActive ,@CreatedBy ,@CreatedOn ,@ImagePath ) /*Returns Success*/ SELECT 'SUCCESS' AS [STATUS],ERROR_LINE() [ERROR_LINE],ERROR_MESSAGE() [ERROR_MESSAGE],ERROR_NUMBER() [ERROR_NUMBER],ERROR_PROCEDURE() [ERROR_PROCEDURE],ERROR_SEVERITY() [ERROR_SEVERITY],ERROR_STATE() [ERROR_STATE],@@TRANCOUNT [TRANCOUNT],@@ROWCOUNT [ROWCOUNT] --COMMIT TRANSACTION TransInsertBOLT END END END TRY BEGIN CATCH --ROLLBACK TRANSACTION TransInsertBOLT /*Returns Error*/ SELECT 'ERROR' AS [STATUS],ERROR_LINE() [ERROR_LINE],ERROR_MESSAGE() [ERROR_MESSAGE],ERROR_NUMBER() [ERROR_NUMBER],ERROR_PROCEDURE() [ERROR_PROCEDURE],ERROR_SEVERITY() [ERROR_SEVERITY],ERROR_STATE() [ERROR_STATE],@@TRANCOUNT [TRANCOUNT],@@ROWCOUNT [ROWCOUNT] END CATCH SET NOCOUNT OFF; END
Wendelius 21-Aug-15 2:39am    
Or if you use code first, then apply update-database, see[^]

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