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Hi guys

I have problem how to send data from Jquery to asp service

always give me an error

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) in Console

this is the code

var Info = $("#basketInfo").val();
var text = "some thing";
                    url: 'Services/WebServiceAjax.asmx/InsertMethod',
                    type: 'POST',
                    contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
                    data: JSON.stringify({
                        "Items": text,
                        "BasketInfo": Info
                    }),// "{'Items':'" + text + "','basketInfo':'" + basketInfo + "'}",
                    //data: "{'Items':'" + text + "','basketInfo':'" + basketInfo + "'}",// "{'Items':'" + text + "','basketInfo':'" + basketInfo + "'}",
                    //async: false,
                    success: function (response) {
                        alert("Record Has been Saved in Database");
                    error: function (xhr, ajaxOption, thrownError)
                    { alert(thrownError); console.log('there is some error'); }

and Service
   public static string InsertMethod(string Items, string BasketInfo)
           string[] alldata = Items.Split(',');
           string[] baskInfo = BasketInfo.Split(',');
           foreach (var item in alldata)
               string[] Allitems = item.Split('_');
               string itemValue = Allitems[0];
               string itemID = Allitems[1];

               Database Db = new Database();
               string CycleDesignID = Db.CustomeQuery("select CycleDesignID from CycleDesign order by CycleDesignID desc ")[0][0].ToString();
               Db.CustomInsertData(new Processes.Baskets(baskInfo[0], baskInfo[1], Convert.ToInt32(CycleDesignID), Convert.ToInt32("1")));
               string BasketID = Db.CustomeQuery("select BasketID from Baskets order by BasketID desc ")[0][0].ToString();
               Db.CustomInsertData(new Processes.BasketDetails(Convert.ToInt32(BasketID),
                   Convert.ToInt32(itemID), Convert.ToDouble(itemValue), Convert.ToDouble("3"), Convert.ToInt32("1")));
       catch (Exception ex)
           return ex.Message;
       return "Ok";
Updated 20-Sep-15 23:09pm
Thanks7872 21-Sep-15 3:31am
basketInfo != BasketInfo
Ammar Al-hamdabni 21-Sep-15 3:38am
sorry i didn't understand
Thanks7872 21-Sep-15 3:52am
You should take into consideration that parameters in web method are case sensitive.basketInfo != BasketInfo.
Ammar Al-hamdabni 21-Sep-15 4:00am
I changed basketInfo to Info, but doesn't work
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 3:44am
I request you to please search the URL in browser, if it is working fine, then please check the parameters which you passed through Json call, I guess this is case sensitive, as Point out by Rohan Leuva, in method declaration you are using the parameter "BasketInfo" and in JSON call you call like below "basketInfo", I guess this might be problem, Please check this once.
Ammar Al-hamdabni 21-Sep-15 3:56am
it doesn't appear in URL
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 4:07am
Call the Service URL and open the method which you try to call using JSON.
Ammar Al-hamdabni 21-Sep-15 4:14am
the mothod which I made it didn't appear in service
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 5:23am
That is the reason it is throwing that error, As per Solution 1 if you remove static it will show that method in service call, obviously it should work as you expected.
Herman<T>.Instance 21-Sep-15 4:28am
see your webserver errorlog or database errorlog for the cause of this HTTP 500 error

1 solution

Remove the "static" from
public static string InsertMethod(string Items, string BasketInfo)
Ammar Al-hamdabni 21-Sep-15 5:00am
You are right, It appear now, but still give me error to insert data
vagelis1 21-Sep-15 5:01am
please post your error message
vagelis1 21-Sep-15 5:25am
in your question you set
Items= "some thing"
on server side you do
string[] Allitems = item.Split('_');
string itemValue = Allitems[0];
string itemID = Allitems[1];

SO Allitems[1] will throw indexoutofrange exception as item.Split('_') will return only one element in Allitems
Ammar Al-hamdabni 21-Sep-15 6:15am
sorry, I mean in 'Some thing' there is a value that give me from another page.

the error always show me this message:
'Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)'

vagelis1 21-Sep-15 6:32am
You should try debuging InsertMethod on the server side. Something raises exception there.

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