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I'm trying to create directory in c# using this code snippet
public JsonResult Upload()
                    DirectoryInfo di =
                        Directory.CreateDirectory("~/Images_LL/Timeline/" + "userid" + Convert.ToInt32(Session["userid"]) + "");
                catch (ArgumentNullException ex)
                    //throw ex;
                catch (Exception ex)
                    throw ex;


this line throws no exception but directory is also not created. I'm running visual studio as administrator.
Please help me figure out I have tried all exceptions one by one in catch block.
Neither throws exception not makes directory.

You're passing in an app-relative path. The Directory class doesn't know anything about ASP.NET paths. You need to map the app-relative path to a physical path first:
string virtualPath = string.Format("~/Images_LL/Timeline/userid{0}", Convert.ToInt32(Session["userid"]);
string physicalPath = Server.MapPath(virtualPath);
DirectoryInfo di = Directory.CreateDirectory(physicalPath);

Also, don't use throw ex; to re-throw an exception. If you do, you'll destroy the stack-trace. Use throw; instead.

And don't catch exceptions that you're not going to handle. Catching an exception and immediately re-throwing it has no benefit. Just remove the entire catch (Exception ex) { ... } block.
Sohaib Javed 30-Nov-15 9:10am
Thanks it worked for me. Great! Can you tell me when it was not creatign directory, why it did not trow exception?
Richard Deeming 30-Nov-15 9:20am
It probably did create the directory, but relative to the "current path". For an ASP.NET application, the current path is somewhere under the "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework{64}\{version}\Temporary ASP.NET Files\" folder.
Use MapPath to get the physical location of the path in your webspace.[^]

Directory.CreateDirectory(Server.MapPath("~/Images_LL/Timeline/") + "userid" ... 
Sohaib Javed 30-Nov-15 9:18am

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