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What would be a suitable answer to the question "Given a billion urls in the database and 10k urls to be matched, A machine has 4 TB of data and 4 GB RAM. How will you efficiently search for a url?" How do I prepare for such interview questions? Are there any websites or resources that will help me
Tomas Takac 23-Dec-15 6:03am
Apparently you didn't pass. So what was your answer? Seriously, you need to understand an interview isn't a test. It isn't about giving one correct answer. What an interviewer wants to see is how do you think, how do you approach and solve a problem. Because believe it or not software development is about solving problems mostly.

"How do I prepare for such interview questions? Are there any websites or resources that will help me"

I'm sorry to tell you this, but if you have to ask, then the answer is "no".
If you want to pass an interview that involves questions like this, then the only way is to know your stuff - and that means being experienced in the field you will be working in if you get the job.

"Interview questions" sites and sheets are a waste of time: the interviewers don't have to use them (and I've yet to meet one that did) so memorising the answers won't help, because it is very unlikely that the questions will come up.

Apply for jobs using knowledge you have, experience you can demonstrate.
Applying for jobs where you have no idea what the work is is wasting your time, the employers time, and the time of every other applicant that can do the job.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Dec-15 12:38pm
Fully agree, a 5. I added some more consideration and even the advice in Solution 2.
Preparing for interviews is a waste of time. If you did not answer some question even after you came home and had enough time to think and read on the topic, perhaps it means that you are not qualified to the job. And no, you don't want to go for the interview if you are not qualified.

Don't get me wrong. I don't say that you should be able to answer each and every question. 1) in many cases, "I cannot suggest anything right now" or even "I don't know" would be an acceptable or decent answer; 2) some interview questions are plain stupid. The question you quoted can be considered reasonable enough for certain roles of developers.

See also my past answer where I give some more interview advice: SSRS interview questions and answers[^].


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