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I'm creating MVC application and I need this web application to be able to scan document using scanner attatched to my PC.
I have explored .net Twain and scanner.js but the problem is both requires money, so I need a free third party or any help to create my own small scanning tool.

Please help me solve this problem.
Sohaib Javed

I think Silverlight can help here.

Take a look at this article. You might get some idea. Scanning an Image from Silverlight 4 using WIA Automation - Pete Brown's[^]
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Dec-15 15:09pm
I voted 4 this time. Silverlight is a good idea, but the inquirer asked about TWINE specifically. What if TWINE is the only supported API? Please see Solution 2.
Thanks Sergey. :)

I thought it only has paid version. Thanks for the info sir. :)
Using Silveright is a good idea (Solution 1), to scan with .NET. I don't know what programming interface your scanner/drivers support. If it has to be TWINE only you can look for some open-source software:
TWAIN for C-Sharp (C#) download |[^].

See also this CodeProject article: .NET TWAIN image scanner[^].

Check up what you scanner supports. The are different API including SANE, TWINE, ISIS and WIA: Image scanner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^].

+5 for open source project link and related articles. :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Dec-15 22:38pm
Thank you, Tadit.
Sohaib Javed 9-Jan-16 12:12pm
could you please help in javascript scanner? scanner.js is limited. is there any other complete solution to this? Thanks
I don't know, sorry. This is really a problem.

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