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I need to save those six fields in same column but not in same row and same cell. each field have default i decided to put that default guid's in one list and fields in one list and call that object of that particular list where we want .

ArrayList Alist = new ArrayList();

        ArrayList objValue = new ArrayList();

   var TaxInfoTaxFiledclassobj = new TaxInfoTaxFiled()

            TaxInfoTaxFieldID = TaxInfoTaxFieldObj,
            TaxFieldID = new Guid(Alist .ToString ()),
            FieldValue = objValue.ToString(),

All are working Fine but in TaxFieldID it show the count which has been calculated from list but while saving it shows Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx). error? in TaxFieldID what shall i do to resolve this probelm
Updated 12-May-19 5:31am
Richard MacCutchan 12-May-19 11:44am
What is the definition of the TaxFieldID field?
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Solution 1

You are trying to convert the ArrayList to Guid.
TaxFieldID = new Guid(Alist .ToString ())

Use an iterator (for / while / foreach) to iterate through the ArrayList items and convert each item.
Member 12087373 8-Jan-16 2:49am
I tried that also but i got object reference error it cannot get the object from viewmodel to controller
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Solution 2

On the first look, below line may throw an error:
TaxFieldID = new Guid(Alist .ToString ()),

Guid constructor does not accept array of strings, it accepts single string.
Guid g = new Guid(Alist[0]);

See: Guid Constructor (System)[^]
Member 12087373 8-Jan-16 2:42am
I need to save those six fields i that fields
Maciej Los 8-Jan-16 2:44am
I need to see TaxInfoTaxFiled definition.
Member 12087373 8-Jan-16 2:48am
yes sure It is a TaxInfoTaxfield Table . In that table i have 2 fields TaxFieldID and FieldValue . I need to save those six guid's in taxfieldID and ^ field values in Fieldvalue column
Maciej Los 8-Jan-16 2:55am
None of above information is useful.
Member 12087373 8-Jan-16 3:00am
hey i said my issue in one document clearly . shall i send that you
Maciej Los 8-Jan-16 3:09am
Sorry, but if you want our help, you have to put all required information via QA forum.
Improve question and post TaxInfoTaxfield definition.

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