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Im using digitalpersona u.are.u 4500 fingerprint reader.

This is the codes I used to save fingerprint template to database:
Dim str As New MemoryStream
Dim serializedTemplate As Byte() = str.ToArray()
Dim bytes() as Byte = serializedTemplate
comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Emp_FPrint", bytes)

The problem is when I try to retrieve fingerprint from the database and Deserialize it , I have this error:

"Conversion from type Byte() to type Byte is not valid."

What I have tried:

Sub OnComplete(ByVal Capture As Object, ByVal ReaderSerialNumber As String, ByVal Sample As DPFP.Sample) Implements DPFP.Capture.EventHandler.OnComplete
MakeReport("The fingerprint sample was captured.")
SetPrompt("Scan the same fingerprint again.")

If ds1MaxRow > 0 Then
For i = 0 To ds1MaxRow - 1
' byteArray = CType(ds1VerifyFPrintp.Tables("TestImage").Rows(i).Item(1), Byte())
con1 = New SqlConnection
con1.ConnectionString = "Data Source=ERSERVER;Initial Catalog=Timekeeping;User ID=sa;Password=sa"
Dim thequery As String = "Select Emp_FPrint from TestImage "
Dim cmd As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(thequery, con1)
Dim rsBioData As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader

Dim byteTemplate As Byte
Dim memStreamTemplate As MemoryStream
If rsBioData.HasRows Then
While rsBioData.Read
byteTemplate = rsBioData("Emp_FPrint") ''''''''ERROR HERE : Conversion from type 'Byte()' to type 'Byte' is not valid. '''''''
memStreamTemplate = New MemoryStrea(byteTemplate)
End While
End If '''''''STUCK UNTO THIS LINE''''''''''

Dim features As DPFP.FeatureSet = ExtractFeatures(Sample, DPFP.Processing.DataPurpose.Verification)

' Check quality of the sample and start verification if it's good
If Not features Is Nothing Then
' Compare the feature set with our template
Dim result As DPFP.Verification.Verification.Result = New DPFP.Verification.Verification.Result()
Verificator.Verify(features, Template, result)
' UpdateStatus(result.FARAchieved)
If result.Verified Then
MakeReport("The fingerprint was VERIFIED.")
MakeReport("The fingerprint was NOT VERIFIED.")
End If
End If

Next i
End If
End Sub
Updated 19-Aug-19 23:34pm

Dim byteTemplate As Byte

The error message is quite clear. You cannot deserialize an array of Bytes into a single Byte.
ajownme 10-Mar-16 20:24pm
I try also this . but I got error : "'System.NullReferenceException'. Additional information: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Dim byteTemplate() As Byte
Dim memStreamTemplate As MemoryStream
If rsBioData.HasRows Then
While rsBioData.Read
byteTemplate = rsBioData("Emp_FPrint")
memStreamTemplate = New MemoryStrea(byteTemplate)
Me.Template.DeSerialize(memStreamTemplate) '''''''ERROR HERE''''''''''''
End While
End If
Richard MacCutchan 11-Mar-16 3:17am
That just looks like you really need to go back to your study guides. Please re-read my message above, and allocate a proper array for your deserialised data.
i think it should be like this

Dim byteTemplate As Byte()

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