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Hello friends,
I have a slight problem and i wish i can find solutions here.
Am working on a server( specifically a mini server), and i have installed server 2012 on it. A few server roles have been installed but the major the problem i have is to configure the DNS forwarder to resolve the name of my ISP and also be able to communicate to the client computers in my company. Is it possible for the client computers in my company to resolve the DNS name of my AD DS and at the same time access the internet? Or will there be the need for another network interface card?

Hope i get answers here. Thank you

What I have tried:

I stalled the AD DS role and when i tried adding clients to the domain, it did not work
Updated 17-Aug-16 5:59am

1 solution

How many network interaface card must a server have
Usually 1 card is enough, unless the server is connected to 2 physically separated networks.
the general feeling of the question is that you don't know how tcp/ip works beyond the basics. The clients in Company don't use DNS to connect to local server.
My advice: Have a professional make all the configuration and have him explain to you what you did wrong.
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Member 12690113 17-Aug-16 13:11pm    
ppolymorphe thanks a lot for your response. But the real issue it that am going to run a software on the server and information from different location(via phone apps) will be gathered here. This means that i will have to give the server a public IP so that those information can be directed to the server. This client computers in the company's internal network will also have their software-feed and authentication from the server. Do you think it's possible?
Patrice T 17-Aug-16 13:12pm    
I don't see why it wouldn't be possible.
Member 12690113 17-Aug-16 13:34pm    
ok let say my ISP gives me an IP address of the public IP) and within my internal an IP address rang of - is being released to computers internally via a wireless access point which has a default gateway of So in this case if i connect the cable from my ISP directly to my server and i configure DHCP on it, what then happens those that want to get internet access via wifi since the dhcp is configured on the server? please help me here cos this my first job as system admin
and i don't want to screw things up
Patrice T 17-Aug-16 13:56pm    
Can't help on this.

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