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Hi all, as the topic above i wanna ask you.. I have problem when i want to debug my project. Vistual Studio can't find the source code for one of the projects (a dll). The Modules window show no errors, it shows that the symbols are loaded for the right file and for the right location. I also know that the exe is actually using that exact file that is listed in Modules, so it's not the problem that I have multiple dll files. But VS still can't understand where the source code is. However, I can see the function names in the Disassembly (the functions are shown with blue text and are of the form "Class::Function:"), so I can kind of manually find my way to the corresponding source code. But VS is supposed to do that job for me, now debugging takes ten times longer. I tried enabling Options > Debugging > Native > Load DLL exports but that made no difference, and I don't see why it should since VS thinks it loaded the symbols (the pdb file). Can anyone understand how this problem occurs? I also tried cleaning the project (and double check that all files were removed), and the rebuild it, but that made no difference either. And I also actually have the source code, so it's not one odd function that is linked in from an external library that it naturally can't find the source code for, I can identify the lines the the Disassembly to the source that is right there in the project.

Somebody exactly know about it.. ?? :( :confused:

Is the assembly copy present in GAC too? That might be the case.
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Is there any try-catch block in your code inside which you are redirecting to some page...remove the try-catch block and then replace the updated dll...This might work.
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Teamsar Muliadi 30-Sep-10 0:23am    
It doesn't work buddy.. :(
Teamsar Muliadi 30-Sep-10 0:46am    
Anybody can help me please..?? :(
This is the big problem i think... I have spent 2 days of my time for this problem.. but there is no result..
It sounds like you have a dll being used in your project but the project does not reside in the solution. In this case VS does not know where the source code is. You could have multiple solutions that generate the exact same assembly name and version.
So in the case that the dll which came from a project that is not actively in your running solution throws an exception, it will request you to guide it to the code. If you do not, it will show the error generated with in the dll at the line you called into the dll.
If you do point it to the code, then you have the advantage of seeing where in the dll it actually threw an exception.
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