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string offerID = Request.QueryString["selectedoffers"];
                DataTable dtOffer = OfferDB.GetDisplayOffer(offerID);

if (dtOffer.Rows.Count > 0)
                    DataRow dr = dtOffer.Rows[0];
                    if (Convert.ToBoolean(dr["TrustedForm"]))

What I have tried:


The column TrustedForm is varchar type stores 0 and 1. And I'am getting above error in 'if' block. I checked through google converting 0 and 1 throws format exception. So I need you guys to share what can be put in 'if' block to go control inside?
Updated 23-Nov-16 4:32am

When converting from string the only literals recognized by ToBoolean are 'true' and 'false' (and null that yields false) - case insensitive...
'0' and '1' are not recognized...
If you are sure that 0 and 1 are the only values you have two options:
1. Change the database type to bit
2. Convert the value first to integer and then to boolean
Amith 12807185 28-Nov-16 0:08am
Hi, thanks for the deep insight on this error. Actually I tried to change database type to bit but there is dependencies on more store procs. But this answer also works.

if (Convert.ToBoolean(dr["TrustedForm"]))


if ((string)dr["TrustedForm"] == "1")

However you should use the appropriate field types in your database so if this is intended as a true\false field then change it to "bit".
Karthik_Mahalingam 24-Nov-16 0:49am
Amith 12807185 28-Nov-16 0:04am
Hi, it worked. I checked the code once more and confirmed database column values are '0','1' and null due to not null constraint.And in code I only want to check if value is '1'. So converting to string does the job for me.

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