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I Was Desinged Vertical Menu Navigatin JQuery
I Want To Navigate Between Page Without Refresh Master Pager
Just Refresh And Change Content

as You Know the IFarme Is Bad Technical And Not Good

SO There Any Way To Do It , Please Help Me

What I have tried:

I Try This in Master Page But No Resault And Not Work 

<pre lang="HTML">&lt;meta http-equiv =&quot;Page-Enter&quot; content =&quot;blendTrans(Duration=0)&quot;/&gt;
&lt;meta http-equiv=&quot;Page-Exit&quot;content=&quot;blendTrans(Duration=0)&quot;/&gt;</pre>

PLease Help Me
Updated 7-Jan-17 7:52am

Hi, I think most likely you're using ASP.NET web forms. Well if this is the case you could use UpdatePanels which updates specific parts of the page.
Still I think you'd be better off retrieving the dynamic content using Ajax manually
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a_alise 16-Dec-16 17:56pm     CRLF
Yeah ASP.NET Web Forms , Can Have Small Example Or Test For Using That Vertical JQuery Menu With Ajax In Content Because I Tried To Use It But Not Work How I Can Update Specific Parts Of Page as Update Contecnt And Load Web Forms To Content Of Master page When Click Menu
P_Z 16-Dec-16 18:33pm     CRLF
Hi, most likely you need to use a jQuery control similar to these: horizontal tabs https: // or vertical tabs where you can switch tabs without refreshing page. Then assign a css class to the tabs ex: "mytab" and id each tab container ex: is a div "mytab_name1" $(function() { //include js events within this $('.mytab').click(function() { //tab click event, note the "." here means css class var id = $(this).attr('id'); //to get div id ex: "mytab_name1" var divid = '#' + id; $(divid).empty(); //clear the div contents, note the "#" here means id //retrieve data with Ajax ex: //in data (this is optional) you can pass some identifier (or multiple) to indicate which dynamic content will loaded on server..."parameter1" or whatever you name it will be paramter in WebMethod $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "url to method [declare this as static and WebMethod]", data: { parameter1: id }, success: function (response) { //check if "response.SomeProperty" is sufficient or "response.d.SomeProperty" as you're using ASP.NET Web Forms var html = '<p>' + response.SomeProperty + '</p>'; //build your div content using the response $(divid).append($.parseHTML(html)); //render the string as html elements and insert inside the div //the tabs will remain the same but contents of div should change on tab change }, error: function () { //handle any error ex: var html = '<p>Error loading data</p>'; $(divid).append($.parseHTML(html)); } }); }); });
P_Z 7-Jan-17 16:29pm    
Are these controls related to vertical menu? Did you try the suggestion above and whether it worked?
The best way to load dynamic content is always Ajax. If it doesn't suits you please provide more details of your problem.
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a_alise 16-Dec-16 17:58pm     CRLF
Can I See Small Example Test To Do it With Vertical Menu Jquery And Ajax I Tried But Didn't Work
a_alise 10-Jan-17 8:39am    
please help me

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