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Basically, receive E:Mails in Outlook which I strip into Folders and then extract attachments to Windows 7 Folders.

I have a very old Excel VBA system that accesses this data and displays a grid which opens documents & programs, updates a small database & basically automates things for me by me clicking "buttons".

I tried to move this system to a Lima database so I could then run it directly from my PC or Laptop but ran into all kinds of problems due to Outlook access, Windows security and not least, Lima being VERY fussy about upper & lower case.

So I want to rewrite it and I think that if I create it as a Web application and keep the data in the cloud, so it's not specific to this PC, I should be able to run it from not only this PC or my laptop, but from, anywhere I want to (presumably I will have to password protect it) and I will use the Lima for backup instead of access.

Now ... to my question ... I have started to use Visual Studio 2015 & code in in order to move away from VBA, I had a look at it this morning with this idea in mind and it seems to push me towards using Azure, but having signed up and looked at the Azure Portal, this looks to be way, way, WAAAY to intricate and complicated for me to use for such a small and single user application.

Is it or would you advise that I use Azure in a very basic way ? Is there a better, more basic way of doing this ? I am happy doing the coding and setting stuff up for myself, but this is just for me and I therefore don't want or need anything that allows for massive & multiple databases or for multiple users ...

Any help & advice is welcome and any examples of ways of doing this would be most welcome, thanks in advance ...

What I have tried:

I've watched the Azure introductory Videos, it just looks like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut ...
Updated 21-Mar-17 1:10am

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Look for mean stack, it is not OS dependent, it's all javascript nor does have any license fee. You can host it free on openshift cloud

Youtube does have day one tutorial to get you started.
Openshift : OpenShift Online (Next Gen) Developer Preview[^]
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Gary Heath 31-Jan-17 6:22am    
Thanks for replying but that says my account will only last for 30 days and will then be deleted !
Ashwin. Shetty 31-Jan-17 6:34am    
Oops, they changed recently, My account is running for free on v2. You will get many providers for free on mean stack. One of them is look for free tier. This one goes down in 30 mins of non usuage
Gary Heath 31-Jan-17 9:26am    
I will look at this, cheers :-)

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