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i have passed the arguments from the command prompt to the form, i want to know the type of that arguments i passed, how to write code for that in

What I have tried:

i tried for this code

if Environment.GetCommandLineargs(1).GetType
\\i have to check whether this argument is decimal or not
Updated 20-Feb-17 1:01am

The arguments are always a string. If you want to see if that string can be converted to a decimal then use Decimal.TryParse[^]
Member 13012003 20-Feb-17 7:33am
When you fetch command line arguments, they are always strings: they are "what the user typed on the command line to execute your application" - and you can supply them that way by opening a command prompt and typing the name of your app followed by space-separated parameters:
myApp Parameter1 "parameter 2 with spaces in"
As such, they don't have a type in the sense of "integer" or "decimal".
Use TryParse to check them:
Dim value As Decimal
If Not Decimal.TryParse(Environment.GetCommandLineargs(1), value) Then
	' Report problem to user.
End If
Member 13012003 20-Feb-17 7:33am
Thanq. now its working fine...

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