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Does C#/Java has any libraries like Python Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib for scientific app development?

What I have tried:

I am researching that is it possible to develop the same python like scientific application using C# libraries
because the Visual studio is an easy IDE for drag and drop UI development where python UI development has to work with code files also Iron python is immature and seems to be awkward hybrid development. I tried with
PyQT IDE but nothing matches with Visual Studio comfort so if c# has the library strength why to prefer
Python. I am not getting the answer from google can anyone be please make it clear
Updated 24-May-17 3:54am

If the library is provided in a DLL, it should be possible to write a set of import definitions that allow you to use the library from .NET (C#, VB.NET, etc.).

Because of the way Microsoft implements its .NET runtime, I would not recommend writing a scientific library in C#. There is no guarantee whether a floating-point instruction is executed as an SSE instruction (true IEEE 754 compatibility), or as an x87 instruction (extended IEEE 754 type). This may lead to problems with some numerically-sensitive code.
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Member 13219269 24-May-17 3:26am    
That's a great reply Daniel!! in short, you are saying that c# is not par with python for scientific application development right?
Daniel Pfeffer 24-May-17 7:03am    
Not quite. I am saying that if you don't understand how floating-point values are processed in your environment, then numerical software may not function as expected.

This applies to any language implementation - from Fortran to Python. In the case of C#, Microsoft is deliberately ambiguous. It could be that the same thing applies to Python, but I don'the know enough about the internals of the interpreter to tell you.
Member 13219269 30-May-17 1:45am    
Thanks a lot Daniel for helping
As to me you can use math-lab and integrate it with C# ... Now it is possible to integrate math-lab with C# in visual studio ...

As far as I know math-lab has quite lot of standard libraries for your scientific situation
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Member 13219269 30-May-17 1:43am    
That's a new info for me, thanks to a lot buddy, but Matlab is expensive usually companies won't go for it instead they compel for Python open source.

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