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how to make a web search engine that can search by category like by images by videos from web not from database. i'm new and want help any body there please?

What I have tried:

i'm new but i create a web crawler that can search links from websites.
Updated 8-Oct-17 21:02pm
Member 12982873 9-Oct-17 0:19am
Richard Deeming 10-Oct-17 12:23pm
You have already posted this:[^]

"Gimme code" wasn't a question then; it still isn't a question now. We're happy to help with specific questions about code you have written, but nobody here is going to write the code for you.
Member 12982873 10-Oct-17 23:16pm
Member 12982873 10-Oct-17 23:17pm
and i done this. i made crawler that search html files from particular web and save it.

Hi Friend,

You can do this by consuming bing-web-search-api of Bing (Microsoft Cognitive Services)

Microsoft Cognitive Services - Bing Web Search API[^]
Member 12982873 9-Oct-17 23:38pm
Actually not from 1 website from WAN.
Member 12982873 9-Oct-17 23:39pm
using its for a particular website. i want like google. through i can open facebook etc?
Saineshwar Bageri 10-Oct-17 2:04am
have you seen the link in this you can do that you can search facebook and open it.
Member 12982873 10-Oct-17 23:08pm
Its using bing API. i think the search goes from bing search engin. but i want to create my own search engine???
Member 12982873 10-Oct-17 8:12am
yes im checking this link and trying to build search engine as soon as possible. if i got any error i will contact back here. Thankyou sir
Member 12982873 10-Oct-17 23:13pm
no any other source/code for creating the engine ?
Making search engines is not an easy, one man job even when you have some experience in programming. No one, in any forum will invest time in explaining the intricacies of a search engine and the ways to implement them.
However, you can start here.
This link will show you how to think for a search engine. It is not everything but it's a start.

Good luck in your endeavors.
Member 12982873 9-Oct-17 23:40pm
actually im here for code.
GKP1992 9-Oct-17 23:44pm
Sorry, but you're in the wrong place with the wrong intention.
Member 12982873 10-Oct-17 23:10pm
im in right place but no one actually want to help out i think.
Richard Deeming 11-Oct-17 15:07pm
No, if you're expecting someone to write the code for you, you're in the wrong place.

There are plenty of sites where you can pay people to do your work for you. This isn't one of them.

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