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When user type English words, I want all numeric characters being  Arabic font(or shape).
(something like the Word app you can do it by going to Options ---> Advanced --->
Show document content ---> Numeral)

for example I want when user type "2", but see "٢".

Is it Possible?

What I have tried:

I don't want use CultureInfo, because it makes some problem for my application
Updated 12-Jan-18 20:02pm
Dotnet_Dotnet 9-Jan-18 12:27pm
sir If you use unicode charector or conversion then can possible

1 solution

Okay, there is a simple way that you can "fake" this relatively easy but depending on the width of the alternate characters and how they map into the width of the current characters, there may be a bit of a jarring interface. The trick is to overlay two TextBoxes over each other. The top one accepts the input but is, effectively, invisible. The one underneath is the one that displays your actual content. The XAML looks a bit like this:
  <TextBox Text="{Binding ConvertedText}" />
  <TextBox Foreground="Transparent" Text="{Binding Text, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" Background="Transparent" />
Now, the ViewModel behind this couldn't be simpler. Effectively, when you change the Text property, it automatically triggers the conversion code.
public string Text
  get => _text;
    if (_text != value)
      _text = value;
      ConvertedText = _text.Replace("1", "y");

public string ConvertedText
  get => _convertedText;
    if (_convertedText != value)
      _convertedText = value;
And that's it, a potentially simple solution to your problem.
Richard Deeming 10-Jan-18 12:59pm
You might want to set Focusable="False" on the first textbox, so that users who tab through the form don't end up typing in the wrong box. :)
Pete O'Hanlon 10-Jan-18 15:50pm
That's true, missed it out altogether but as I just typed the code out in the CP editor I'm pleased I got what I wrote correct.
Member 10527566 13-Jan-18 1:56am
Thanks, but i want a general solution , I have many TextBox, TexBlock, GridView.
Pete O'Hanlon 13-Jan-18 5:09am
You are going to have to look at writing something like a behaviour then, that is going to put Runs in place.

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