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Hi everybody

I am looking for a function to convert an int to a binary.

For example the function gets integer 23 as input and returns int(or long int) 10111 as output. Any sugestions?
JF2015 28-Oct-10 12:44pm    
Binary is just a representation of an integer number. This means it doesn't matter for your long if you think of it as decimal or binary. It is just necessary if you want to output the value to the user.

this link might help you:[^]

it is done like this as described in the link :

string binaryValue=Convert.ToString(23,2);
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JF2015 28-Oct-10 12:47pm    
Why did you repeat what i already answered?
Tarun.K.S 28-Oct-10 12:48pm    
oh i apologize! honestly i didn't see it.
Tarun.K.S 28-Oct-10 12:49pm    
i was in this page for too long and after i posted my answer, i saw many answers.
JF2015 28-Oct-10 12:51pm    
No problem, i didn't want to be offending :)
Here it is:
int myValue = 23;
string strBinary = Convert.ToString(myValue, 2);
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cs101000 28-Oct-10 12:40pm    
No! this will convert it to a string. As I mentioned I want it in long datatype.
Tarun.K.S 28-Oct-10 12:54pm    
my vote of 5. perfect and easy answer!
Chris Trelawny-Ross 28-Oct-10 14:25pm    
Sure, it will convert it to a string. Now do int.Parse(theString) to get the string as an int.
From - Binary to Integer
Private Function ToInteger(ByVal x As Long) As String
Dim temp As String 
Dim ch As Char
Dim multiply As Integer = 1
Dim subtract As Integer = 1
Dim len As Integer = CStr(x).Length
For Each ch In CStr(x)
For len = 1 To CStr(x).Length - subtract
multiply = multiply * 2
multiply = CInt(ch.ToString) * multiply
temp = multiply + temp
subtract = subtract + 1
multiply = 1
Return temp
End Function

From - Integer to Binary
Private Function ToBinary(ByVal x As Long) As String
Dim temp As String = ""
If x Mod 2 Then
temp = "1" + temp
temp = "0" + temp
End If
x = x \ 2
If x < 1 Then Exit Do
Return temp
End Function
You can add this function to your application and call it with passing the respective parameter.
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JF2015 28-Oct-10 12:46pm    
Bit too compicated for .Net and written in VB, not as desired in c#. But, good to show how its done :)
cs101000 28-Oct-10 12:46pm    
In which language the code is?
Tarun.K.S 28-Oct-10 12:58pm    
its in Visual Basic.
ShashankSinghThakur 28-Oct-10 13:10pm    
u can convert to to c# see below link
Rajesh Anuhya 29-Oct-10 6:58am    
too complicated.., take much time to execute..

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