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What do I need to build this code and how do I do it... thanks for any help
The link to the code below

I want to build the original port not the lxdoom port on that site

What I have tried:

I have tried only compiling it no luck
Updated 2-Feb-18 0:16am
David_Wimbley 1-Feb-18 22:54pm    
The instructions seem pretty clear to me.

Original Port:
Unpack, build, and then go to the directory containing your DOOM! wad file and run the built executable "sdldoom"

LxDoom Port:
Unpack, build, copy data/boomlump.wad along with your original DOOM! wad file to the ~/.lxdoom/ directory, and then run the built executable "lsdldoom".
If you want music, make sure you install the timidity patch files in /usr/local/lib (on UNIX)
Member 13244531 2-Feb-18 0:44am    
Yes But How do you build it do you use mingw if so how.... i'm confused any advice come on anything

1 solution

You have to use the general steps when building a Linux application (or when using for example MinGW on Windows).

The first step is unpacking the source:
tar -xzvvf sdldoom-1.10.tar.gz
Then have a look at the unpacked files if there is some kind of README file with build instructions. If not, look for common build files.

If there is an file, execute that

Otherwise, if there is a file:

Both scripts will create some build files and print messages when something required for the build process is missing. If so, you have to do what the messages tell you like installing required libraries and build tools, and execute the script again afterwards.

In any case (even if there is none of the above), there should be some kind of Makefile. That is used to control the final
that will build the executable.

Finally you can install (as root) with
make install
or just start the executable.
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Member 13244531 2-Feb-18 5:11am    
Thank you that helped me out but can you list the mingw commands that I need to know in order to execute these files for example to compile a source .c file in mingw I do it like this

g++ hello.c -o hello.exe

So whats the commands that I need to do for the files and the order steps listed above thanks for your answer almost figured this out long time so thank you your awesome....
Jochen Arndt 2-Feb-18 6:08am    
You don't have to execute the compiler manually. It is done by executing make within a directory that contains a Makefile.
Member 13244531 2-Feb-18 6:09am    
Alright my question still is what is the command for executing the make file.... I mean I cant go further without knowing the command......
Jochen Arndt 2-Feb-18 6:24am    
The command is make!
Member 13244531 2-Feb-18 6:23am    
I'm using mingw on windows so what steps in mingw that I need to do because you made since above but tar is not a command in mingw commmand line so whats the commands that I need to know step by step please give them to me thanks... It would answer my question easier if you would supply the step by step commands in mingw for windows for executing the source...

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