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C# How can I make this function run in parallel using more threads or processor cores to be faster?

<pre> public void ReadAOB(string Scancode)
            if ((int)processhandle > 0)
                IntPtr bytesRead = IntPtr.Zero;
                long MaxAddress = 0;
                     MaxAddress = 0x7fffffffffffffff;
                    MaxAddress = 0x7fffffff;
                long address = 0;
                    MEMORY_BASIC_INFORMATION m;
                    int result = VirtualQueryEx(processhandle, (IntPtr)address, out m, (uint)Marshal.SizeOf(typeof(MEMORY_BASIC_INFORMATION)));

                    if (m.Protect == AllocationProtectEnum.PAGE_READWRITE)
                        byte[] buffer = new byte[(int)m.RegionSize];
                        // IntPtr buffer = IntPtr.Zero;
                        ReadProcessMemory(processhandle, m.BaseAddress, buffer, (int)m.RegionSize, out bytesRead);
                        BoyerAlgo(m.BaseAddress, buffer, Scancode, ref addresses);
                    if (address == (long)m.BaseAddress + (long)m.RegionSize)
                    address = (long)m.BaseAddress + (long)m.RegionSize;
                } while (address <= MaxAddress);


What I have tried:

It works but when it goes to the memory scan takes a long time to finish.
Updated 31-Mar-18 9:06am

You can try to solve in few steps
1. Put your complete do loop in new method with parameters start and end address
2. Divide complete memory range (currently 0 to MaxAddress) into several ranges
3. Call new method with Task.Run and parameters start and end memory range from step 2
4. Await all tasks to finish with Task.Await

For best performance, you should try and determine how many tasks in parallel is optimal on you computer.
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Jon McKee 31-Mar-18 15:10pm    
Using this kind of approach, Parallel.For would be easier and handle the optimal parallelism for you :)
ShakalX 1-Apr-18 11:51am    
My problem is that I do not know how to implement this. Where can I find a freelancer to do this for me?
I'm an apprentice yet.
Uroš Šmon 2-Apr-18 8:07am    
This is programmer helping programmer site, not freelancer find site.
So sory, you will have to look elsewhere
ShakalX 2-Apr-18 9:47am    
its ok. ^^
Not the answer you are looking for, but another problem.
unsigned long MaxAddress = 0;
     MaxAddress = 0xffffffffffffffff;
    MaxAddress = 0xffffffff;

Addresses are never negative, they are unsigned, this error make you miss half of the range.
There is no need to initialize to zero because you store real value just after.
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ShakalX 31-Mar-18 12:26pm    
oh thanks =) So can you start on how much?

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