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Here's the message I got:
"Hi irakyu, Your article '' has been reported by pwasser, Manoj Kumar Choubey, OriginalGriff, Dirk Bahle, Deepu S Nair and has been closed, with the reason being given as This post is not related to software development or IT. If you wish to revise and reopen your article based on the feedback from these members then simply visit and click the "Update my article" link. This will enable you to edit and update your article and will re-open your article for other members to enjoy."

What I have tried:

Ask question here and contact codeproject staff
Updated 11-Jun-18 23:03pm

I have seen your article and reported it as with layout problems.
The tables in 'presentation' blocs are too wide, causing lines to wrap.
Make the tables narrower or use the table tags.

I didn't say anything about the contain.
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wqaxs36 12-Jun-18 3:20am    
Ah, now it's more clear and I fully understand it.

About the presentation problem, It's strange because when I editing the article, it's perfectly shown, but after launch the preview, the presentation is mess up.

That's why I have this problem.

By the way can you restore all the comment I had to improve the article content ?

I don't remember them and by closed the article, the remarks gone :/
Patrice T 12-Jun-18 3:32am    
I can't, I am just a normal member like yourself.
note that the layout problem is not the main reason of rejection
wqaxs36 12-Jun-18 3:56am    
And what are the problems of the content ?
Patrice T 12-Jun-18 4:00am    
it is what say the message you received
wqaxs36 12-Jun-18 4:29am    
You mean: "this post is not related to software development or IT" ?
This forum is for technical questions. If you have a problem with a submitted article then post your question at Article Writing Discussion Boards[^] or Bugs and Suggestions[^].

Also, I left a comment to the effect that there was no detailed explanation in the article so it was almost impossible to understand.
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