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Hello world, It, s ubaid. And today I have a question that I want the answer. Should a guy study concepts like trees, recursion,arrayed, linked list before going for artificial Intelligence, I am really confused that what I have to do...if anybody could give me the appropriate answer that would be appreciated.

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Updated 26-Jan-19 22:35pm

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If you don't have the basics down solidly, then you can't hope to properly understand what comes later.

Imaging you are building a house. Should you start off by learning do to painting and decorating and then rush into the works, or should you start by learning what foundations a house of that size will need, how to lay bricks, what electrical wiring is all about?

Start with a good foundation in a language, and add onto that.
Member 14068174 27-Jan-19 3:31am
I totally accept it sir but My question is different , I want to know the things like data structures and algorithms,Is it nessacary for a guy to have these thing under his hoodie before moving to AI or should he start learning math of ml ...

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