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Hi Guys,

This may seem Simple to some of you but im curious im making a simple application and i want to change a word within a label.

The label Currently stands as = "how much cash do you want?"

I want to change the colour of "Much"

Can some one point me in the direction of show an example please.

Thanks in advance. :)

If it is a Windows Forms application I do not know a way to do that with one label.

What you can do is have three labels
1. "How"
2. " Much" set the ForeColor to whatever you want.
3. " Cash do You Want?"

You might want to put them on a panel or make them into a user control to make alignment and moving easier.
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Ok, I know you are specifically asking about "label" control, but wouldn't richtextbox control better suited to do this? HTH.

Check this for instance:[^]
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#realJSOP 27-Nov-10 6:37am    
If you don't want to use multiple controls, this is the only way. Of course, this is assuming he's writing a winforms app, and not something for the web. I don't know why your answer was 1-voted, because with the info we have it's the best answer provided so far. I voted it up.
iris.frigole 27-Nov-10 22:49pm    
Yes, I assumed winforms and probably the question was for web development, you are very much right.
I would use 3 labels contained side by side. If you do not want to go that route. Here is an example in c# that can help you.[^]
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i did think i would have to use 3 labels, but its just that i saw an article on reading a file and then highlighting the word within the sentence it reads just wondered if it could be done with one label,
But thanks for the feedback

one quick question regardng a colour would you be able to tell me what colour this back ground is on here behind the dual Sliders ?
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badprog 26-Nov-10 14:37pm    
Print Screen...
Open MS Paint.
Use the color selector.

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