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Hi all,

In your experience what is the best place to take a start with games developments and 3D simulations in C#.

Take a look at XNA. There are a ton of sample projects out there that show you how to do 3D stuff (e.g., I did a 3D spaceship game prototype using XNA and C# using samples I found online, some of which were from Code Project).
CodingLover 9-Dec-10 7:11am
I go through the link you've post. Sounds good actually. I think take a start off with examples are really nice. Thanks a lot for your replay too.

However I'm looking more conceptual level, means that... in gaming we are talking about several topics in design aspect (sorry I'm not aware more about technical words). So what should be the first step. Should I learn 3D modeling first of all, sure I'm not. But how?
AspDotNetDev 9-Dec-10 13:38pm
At a game studio, there are artists who will do the 3D modeling for you. You still have to know how to deal with the models in your programming, but I wouldn't worry about building them yourself. Start somewhere simple. Find a book dedicated to building a 3D game using C# and XNA. Go through it. And if you haven't done a game before, maybe start with something more simple in a technology you are already familiar with. For example, one of the first games I made was Tetris and I made it with QuickBasic 4.5. Start small, and build up knowledge over time.
CodingLover 10-Dec-10 3:10am

Actually last night I've searched the web found one book. Beginning C# Game Programming (Game Development) - Paperback by Ron Penton. However it's published on 2004, and I'm not sure that's up-to-date.
You could start with searching Google
AspDotNetDev 8-Dec-10 12:24pm
The OP was asking for an experienced voice... more of an opinion than an answer. Google will offer a deluge of opinions on what one may use, as there is no single correct answer. Seems like a perfectly reasonable question to me.
Kevin Marois 8-Dec-10 12:45pm
Why don't we ask the CP to just redirect to Google? Why bother going to CP at all?
[no name] 8-Dec-10 13:26pm
Kevin: OPs can start by searching for basic information. We are here to provide guidance and our experience not teach a Computer Science course.
[no name] 8-Dec-10 13:28pm
aspdotnetdev: No the OP was asking for a place to start learning. A google search will provide many resources. Others will answer and provide those same resources.
AspDotNetDev 8-Dec-10 14:50pm
The OP didn't ask for a place to start learning. The OP asked for a place to "take a start with games development". That could mean the learning or the technology. And the OP specifically asked for somebody experienced. Google is a great source of information, but like I said the OP appears to be looking for a single experienced answer. Not to mention Google might provide outdated information. The old way of doing things was DirectX, until XNA came along, so asking this question now will also get answers relevant to current technology. I just think this poster deserves an real answer.
[no name] 8-Dec-10 14:55pm
"I just think this poster deserves an real answer"
Yet this was the answer the OP accepted, not yours. Hmmm.
AspDotNetDev 8-Dec-10 15:06pm
Lol, yes, I'm sure the poster appreciated your answer very much. They probably had no idea what Google is.
fjdiewornncalwe 8-Dec-10 15:09pm
I think you guys should get a room and have a pillow fight until you sort this whole thing out...
AspDotNetDev 8-Dec-10 15:23pm
Lol, I'm down. Psst: Mark, did you notice my answer is accepted now too? Just sayin'! If Mark deletes his answer, it would probably clean up this question nicely.
CodingLover 9-Dec-10 7:14am
Hey guys. Thanks for all comments.

Actually I can search on Google. But I'm looking something very strong comments based on your experience. Because you guys has done something, but I'm not. So what should I search on Google.

I'm just expecting some guidelines, not asking any tutorials and stuff at all. Actually if you have good once please send it to me. :) But the most important thing is from where I should take a start, from what, and how.

I really appreciate all of your comments. Thanks again. :)
Which APIs to use is like a religious question and not as important as understanding the programic structure of a game. Most game development literature and tutorials are written in c++. So if you are going to program in c# then you will (most likely) have to adapt the concepts form a c++ to a c# equivalent. Basic programing structures for games are the same whether you use DirectX or OpenGL. I would also suggest reading 3D Game Engine Design by David Eberly; it was been very useful to me.

I prefer OpenGL, so I use OpenTK. I find the OpenGL c++ examples easily translated to c# via OpenTK.
CodingLover 9-Dec-10 7:16am
I agreed with you.

I cannot learn all gaming techniques in related to all programming languages. It's really mess to even think about, which may never achieve. So the concepts behind is the key to move ahead.
CodingLover 13-Dec-10 11:47am
I've one thing to clarify.

Is there any bottleneck in use of C# on .Net over pure C# developments in games?
ARon_ 13-Dec-10 13:40pm
bottle neck in what respect what?

Performance? C# is slower than c++, because of JIT and garbage collection. That is life with c#.

Design? Your available game development code-base is smaller because commercial video games aren't typical written in c#. So there will be limited plug and play code such as asset importer, asset management code. etc...
CodingLover 24-Feb-11 3:17am
I think of using C++ actually. since i've hands on experience with C/C++ then it wont be easy. but the problem is from where i should take a start.

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