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Advice needed.

What book/forum/learning tool is recommended for a beginner to pick up and run?

I can do most of what I need via html, this is very basic.

I would like to do much more.

MSDN videos and quiokstarts might be a good resource.
A good book is always better - but it does take time to go through.
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Dalek Dave 10-Dec-10 22:32pm    
Happy to go through slowly.
I do not need to be up to date, merely on a 'Can Do' basis.
I just want to be on a constant learning curve.

But if you recommend the MS site then good, I will take the time to follow it through.
Abhinav S 10-Dec-10 22:34pm    
Vidoes might be a good way to start. So if you can get some good startup videos on ASP.Net - nothing like it.
Books from has always been very good. Take a look at this[^] one. It is for beginners but still is comprehensive enough.
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Dalek Dave 10-Dec-10 23:20pm    
Thanks, that looks like what I need.
I have made several websites, but they are pretty crude and nasty, I do need to get better.
HimanshuJoshi 11-Dec-10 0:10am    
My pleasure. Have good luck on your quest for knowledge.
My couple of suggestions.

Books are always great. Ebooks[^] too.

Tutorials like W3Schools[^] is really easy to beginners.

Then forums like CP[^], Stack Overflow[^] are good for Questers.

Also videos like PVT[^] is easy to beginners, Also Techonvideo[^] which contains many categories.

E-learnings[^] too.

MSDN[^] also great one.

Other things are Whitepapers[^], cheat sheets[^], etc.,

Some people has great blogs[^] which will helps others.

Last & least Search engines[^]

Note : Added sample URLs for some categories.
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RaviRanjanKr 11-Dec-10 1:00am    
Take a 5
Good Response
Espen Harlinn 10-Jul-11 6:37am    
Good reply, my 5 - This is how the web can be used as a valuable education resource.
[no name] 23-Oct-13 7:39am    
Very nice links.
Member 8043849 10-Jul-11 13:58pm    
Tom Marvolo Riddle 14-Nov-13 4:44am    
I started programming with C# here.[^]

That was 6 or 7 years ago so it might look different now.
Just go Tier 1-3 at the bottom.
If you dont want the web approach you can click windows development at the top.

After Tier3 I had enough information to go further on my own doing what i was aiming for.
I had no programming experience when i started so it sounds like you have a better base then I did.
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First you go through some videos about basic in youtube
then you can try[^]

then you go for official website[^]

then code project[^] for questions and answers

by this time me u'll have better idea where to go further ...

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