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Hi All,
Thanks to all who add some answer according to my question.But previously I said about which cloud platform should I do?But it was a typing mistake ..I want to type 'on which topics of cloud computing' should I do it?

Previous question:::
"I am a student and now is the time to do my final project. I want to do it on cloud computing, but I can't fix the topics on which cloud platform should I do it. So if you can please help me in this."

Thanks in advance!
Updated 2-Jan-11 4:19am
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Jan-11 5:25am    
Edited for grammar and spelling. Added some friendlyness.

What kind of help do you want?

We know nothing about your course, your tutors, your knowledge, your ability, your preferences.

The only advice we can realistically give is: talk to your tutors. They know what is acceptable to the assessors; they know what has worked in the past.
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kibria06cse 2-Jan-11 4:41am    
Thanks a lot for giving your nice advice.I am a new comer for the cloud computing so I do not much and more about this.But form 2 months I learnt some about this from google and from codeproject..If you say about my programming skill then I will say that I have some experience on Visual Studio 2008 using C# and I am a student of Final year in Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) .Now can you help me?
Smithers-Jones 2-Jan-11 4:49am    
Did you read Griff's answer at all?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Jan-11 5:27am    
Good advice! 5+
It seems you don't know what a thesis is. Go here:[^]

Among the attributes of a good thesis is that it must pass the "So what?" and "Who cares?" tests. That's going to be tough to do if you're doing a thesis about cloud computing.

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Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Jan-11 5:30am    
A valid objection. 5+
Quote: but I can't fix the topics on which cloud platform should I do it.

Try Windows Azure if you have experience of Windows programming. However, it really depends on what your thesis is trying to present to the examining board. Are you sure that this is a subject that you understand enough about to produce a thesis?
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#realJSOP 2-Jan-11 7:47am    
A thesis is all about research, so he'll be learning about it as he writes, but to be honest (and as you stated), he really should have at least some basic knowledge of the topic so he can properly conduct said research.
The requirements, as given in your question are a little nebulous.

You say that you want to do your thesis on Cloud Computing and then go on to say you are not sure on which cloud platform you should do it.

If you want to do Cloud Computing then do Cloud Computing, all of it not just one platform.

If you want to do just one aspect, it's effect on productivity/profitability/whatever, for example, you should still do it as a whole not for only one of the many platforms.
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