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I want to use .netmodule file in java
I've already created .netmodule file using that command
C:>csc /t:module (ClassName).cs
It is ok if (ClassName).cs is independent with other class

I want to generate .netmodule file for below class

namespace MIT.ISO8583Net.BusinessLogic
    public abstract class AbstractFieldMessage : IISOFieldMessage
     public byte[] _packedData;
     public short _packedSize = 0;
     public AbstractFieldMessage()
     public AbstractFieldMessage(short size)
         _packedData = new byte[size];
        #region IMessage Members
       abstract public int Pack() ;

       public abstract int Unpack();

        //public byte[] PackedData
        //    get { return _packedData; }
        //    set { _packedData = value; }


When i complied in VS2010 command prompt,
I got this error

AbstractFieldMessage.cs(8,50): error CS0246: The type or namespace name
        'IISOFieldMessage' could not be found (are you missing a using directive
        or an assembly reference?)

How can i do?
Please help me.
Updated 11-Jan-11 6:05am
TweakBird 10-Jan-11 22:54pm    
Edited for formatting.
Aescleal 11-Jan-11 11:06am    
Removed the C++ tag and replaced it with a C# as that seems to be what the question is asking about.

Like the error states, you are missing a reference to IISOFieldMessage

OP asked how can he do it using the command line tool?

See csc documentation[^] and C# compiler options [^] On MSDN
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Saw Thanda Oo 10-Jan-11 23:02pm    
This code is correct in VS2010.
When i generate .netmodule file in command prompt,I got this error
How i can reference ISSOFieldMessage in command prompt.
If you know,please help me
Yusuf 11-Jan-11 9:17am    
See updated answer.
Compile it with a reference to IISOFieldMessage :

csc /t:module (ClassName).cs /reference <assembly containing IISOFieldMessage>.<dll or exe>

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Compile it with a reference to IISOFieldMessage :

csc /t:module (ClassName).cs /reference <assembly containing IISOFieldMessage>.dll/exe

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Omar Elouafi 14-Jun-13 11:48am    
Can i convert .dll file to .netmodule .

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