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I googled a lot to find the difference between vb and C# but could not find it . Can u help me out.

Thanks in advance
Updated 29-Jan-11 21:16pm

You can find all technical differences in literature. Let me bring your attention to some general facts:

1. C# goes through standardization through ECMA and then ISO standards. Microsoft provides implementation of each new version of C# extending the standard, but later it is submitted as a candidate for a standard. VB.NET is not a subject of any standards and not likely will be in future. Note that ECMA standardized CLI, C++/CLI, Eiffel and ECMAScript...

2. When new language features are introduced, they appear in C# first, VB.NET goes behind. By all counts, Microsoft technologists consider C# as a flagship and do not take VB.NET too serious, paying less and less attention to VB.NET compared past versions of VB.

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Espen Harlinn 31-Jan-11 15:24pm    
5+ Interesting thoughts :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Jan-12 1:45am    
Thank you, Espen.
Have a look at CP article Complete Comparison for VB.NET and C#[^]

Download Microsoft white paperHere[^]
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singlaNitish 30-Jan-11 3:27am    
sir but both have the same power,security features directly or indirectly so i could hardly find any difference so why now a days there is more boom of c#.
Henry Minute 30-Jan-11 7:29am    
One reason is that, in order to keep users of pre-.NET versions of VB happy, there are things in VB.Net that enable coders to do very unsafe things. Generally speaking they are not present in C#.NET. Employers therefore tend to opt for C# which helps to make it more popular. Because it is more popular employers tend to use it, which makes it more popular.................
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Jan-11 16:53pm    
"To keep users... happy" is the key. The force behind keeping VB in .NET stock and generally on market is not a matter of engineering, its a matter of social engineering. There is no rational reasons to have any kind of Basic, just imprinting in public and a desire to sell more copies of VS, etc. (Those unsafe thinks are not really needed, by the way.)

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