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Hello code project and code project members Im back with another question, due to my problems with large file systems and the time its taking me to fetch them. In short I am currently using a dialog box that pops up to allow the user to select a search root (ex. C:\) after that the selection is shown in the text box and my listbox shows all folders and subfolders in the root that is going to be scanned. The problem lays with the size of my filesystem (291,000 + files) It takes 10 or more mins to fetch into the listbox which is unexceptable in my opinion. The solution might be to use a treeview as i have seen in other scanning type programs but am unable to think of how to use it to scan folders and subfolders when the user selects a root dir in the treeview. Can someone please provide a solution or give an example of how to scan with treeview?

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This[^] article should give you the solution.
Dale 2012 2-Feb-11 5:21am
This is a great example of how to list directories in a treeview but I have all ready figured this much out. My problem lays with how to scan thoes directories with a click event........
Dale 2012 2-Feb-11 5:24am
When the user selects the C:\ parent node how can I use a click event (start) to scan the entire root directory?
Dale 2012 2-Feb-11 5:28am
When the user clicks a root directory such as C:\ how can I start a scan though the folders and subfolders?
Dale 2012 2-Feb-11 5:29am
Also I have noticed that your responce is in C sharp which is of not much help as I need this example in VB only. Thanks again to all that help with my problem

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